Kick The Box January 19th 2015 Edition

Kick The Box

Jan. 19th Edition

Well, so much for January being a slow month for Kickstarter. After the passing of the first week, the gaming industry has hit full throttle again! This week’s Kick The Box picks offer some diverse gameplay styles. I think there is a little bit for everyone this week. Check it out after the news break!

Kickstarter News: Tiny Epic Galaxies is just . . . WOW! They have over 8,000 backers and have received over $250,000 so far in their campaign! There is still over two weeks left in their campaign! BattleHex has a little less than a week left in their campaign and is so close to being funded! Be sure to check them out if you are looking for a set of  hex shaped terrain for your miniatures battlefields. Real Precious Stone Dice finished their campaign successfully funded and with almost 300 backers!

Spirits of the Rice Paddy Board Game

Project By: APE Gamer

Ancient Balinese Farmers told of legends of spirits that helped them grow their prosperous rice paddies. In Spirits of the Rice Paddy, 2-4 players will call upon these ancient spirits, that will not only determine player order, but also grant users powerful special abilities. The higher the number of the spirit, the more powerful it’s ability, but produces a very high risk of being placed last in the turn order, not allowing you to receive valuable but scarce water needed to produce the necessary rice paddies.

Players also will be using the market to buy livestock, such as oxen to help build their paddy walls and remove rocks from their paddy fields or ducks to help fertilize their paddy fields and placing workers to harvest and tend the fields.

After the seventh round, the player with the most rice wins!

Deluxe Orléans

Project By: Tasty Minstrel Games

Orléans is set during the medieval times. During this time, players are taking turns trying to acquire followers and putting them to work as farmers, monks, and other trades skills to help spread the player’s influence and dominance.

Orléans was a hit at Essen and looks to be an interesting “bag building” game. Instead of acquiring cards like deckbuilding games such as Dominion, you will be acquiring different types of workers that will be placed in the bag and then drawn and placed on the board for action abilities. The Deluxe Orléans ,now being made available in the US, Canada, and Australia via Kickstarter, offers upgrades of metal coins and wooden tokens.

After 18 rounds, the player with the most points wins.

Forged in Steel

Project By: Knight Works

Forged in Steel (Prototype) Game Board - Click image for larger size

It is the early 1900’s and the Industrial Revolution is starting to pick up steam. Your family has settled in Pueblo County, Colorado. The land is barren, but you and the other new families that have just moved to town foresee the lands potential.

In Forged Steel, players will take turns vying for economic and political control through either mining, commerce, industrial, or housing. Players can also reap benefits of being Mayor of the city and news headlines will change variables and scoring conditions of the game, so no two games will play exactly alike. Of course, as players try to manipulate the social landscape of the city, they better be providing for the immigrants that are moving into town that will need housing and jobs. If players aren’t careful, and this need for balance isn’t met, they could have a full scale riot on their hands which could be very detrimental to all players.

Play through the three centuries and the player with the most points wins.


Project By: Monolith Board Games LLC

Conan and the Hyborian World seem to be making a comeback, at least in Kickstarter format. This is the second board game in the last year(that I know of) that has used the Conan Universe for fans adventuring board gaming pleasure.

This time the gameplay resembles a Descent/Imperial Assault style of gameplay where one person is the Overlord archetype and the other three players are the heroes of the story. The Overlord will be calling upon his minions and wits to try to out maneuver and out think the heroes as he strives to complete his agenda in each one of the different scenarios.

The game will come with three beautiful double sided playing boards of infamous locations from the world Robert E. Howard created, a lot of miniatures, and seven different heroes as player’s avatars as they enter the land of adventure.

The player that survives or can finish their agenda first wins.

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