Kick The Box January 12th 2015 Edition

Kick The Box

Jan. 12th Edition

This week’s Kick The Box has a couple of big hitters in our industry back on Kickstarter. Gamelyn Games third Tiny Epic game has exploded on to the scene. The Dice Tower is also back for their seasonal Kickstarter and has already blown past their total funding amount of last year! Read about these and more after the news.

Kickstarter News: If you are looking for some new miniatures terrain, than you may want to check out BattleHex. They have reached the 60% mark with a little under two weeks left in their campaign. If you’re looking for some new polyhedral dice made out of semi precious stone, than head over to the fully funded Real precious stone full 16mm Polyhedral Dice Sets to grab a set. Even though it was fully funded, Fun Forge has decided to pull the plug on ZNA

Tiny Epic Galaxies

Project By: Gamelyn Games

 Tiny Epic Galaxies is the third micro game of the long running Tiny Epic series by Scott Almes. Followed by the ever popular 4x Tiny Epic Kingdoms(you can find my review for it here) and the soon to ship cooperative game Tiny Epic Defenders, TEG is on pace to shatter both of those campaign goals.

This time around players are colonizing the galaxy trying to out build the other players and become the largest Empire in the Galaxy!

With an innovative dice comboing system, players won’t have to just rely on Lady Luck for their dice rolls. If you have the right resources, you’ll be able to use your opponent’s dice also!

Add $2.00 for shipping within US, $9.oo for shipping to Canada, and $12.00 to the rest of the world

Swinging Jivecat Voodoo Lounge

Project By: W David Mackenzie

Sometimes a game comes along and you are wow’d, confused, and intrigued all at the same time. Not confused in a bad way, but curiosity type of confusion. So many bright colors, such a busy board, interesting looking characters, and monkeys hanging from a Martini glass . . . Wait! What? Monkeys hanging from a martini glass you say? I do!

Swinging Jivecat Voodoo Lounge is, I dare say, a set collection game among many other things. Not collecting cards type of set collection, but making your way around the four cocktail lounges on the board, working the crowd, spreading your voodoo, trying to gain social prestige by making as many friends as possible. Players take turns playing cards, scoring points by spreading their love, friendship and voodoo magic throughout the 50’s themed cocktail lounges. The monkeys on the martini glass are your score trackers. When you score a point, you hang a monkey by it’s tail on your martini glass.

So much originality in this beautifully illustrated board game. I suggest you check Swinging Jivecat Voodoo Lounge out before it’s too late!


Project By: Jason Maxwell

Zombies, zombies, zombies everywhere. The board game market seems overly saturated by the theme, but Run, Fight, or Die, designed by the legendary Richard Launius, sets itself apart from the rest of the crowd by not taking itself too seriously.

I backed the first printing of Run, Fight, or Die last year and have definitely got my money’s worth out of the game. Even though it is not one of the games I necessarily ask to the table,(not because it’s a bad game, just because I have so many other new games I want to play. I know . . .First World Problems) but there are plenty of friends, family, and Meetup members that do. I’m also never disappointed when it does hit the table. It is a light, fun, dice game with some tension building moments as the hordes of zombies hobble towards you, wanting no more than some of your fresh, pink braaaiiiinnnnssssss.

With it’s tongue in cheek humor, Yahtzee style dice rolling mechanic, and fitting art style, Run, Fight, or Die is a blast to play with 2-5 players. If you missed the first print run, than now is a good time to grab it, all the Kickstarter goodies from before, and the new expansion and Big Box to store all the wonderful brain eating goodness.

The Dice Tower – 2015 (Season 11)

Project By: Tom Vasel

The Dice Tower Season 11 Kickstarter has officially launched! This is a good way to help show your support of the biggest media creator of our fabulous hobby. Over 1,200 videos were made last year alone by the Dice Tower Network. Tom Vasel has successfully turned The Dice Tower Network into a juggernaut of amazing and insightful programs that range from reviews and top 10 lists to convention coverage and weekly shows like the BoardGame Breakfast and much, much more.

While helping the Dice Tower Network become better, you can also enjoy a ton of different exclusive promo cards, tiles and, figures for some of your favorite games.

Hit the Kickstarter campaign to check it all out if you are interested in helping them make this their most successful Kickstarter to date!

That’s it for this week! Be sure to leave any comments or suggestions below and hit the red subscribe button so you’re one of the first to catch all the Kick The Boxes and other awesome gaming content Troll In The Corner brings you!

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