Kick The Box January 5th 2015

Kick The Box

Jan. 5th Edition

Happy New Year to all! It’s the first Kick The Box of January 2015. The trend the last couple of years for tabletop games and accessories on Kickstarter, as with most commerce, is a slow start. This year is no different. Not a lot of exciting things happening on Kickstarter, but the couple I did find are definitely worth mentioning. So, if you still have some of that left over Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket, than it’s time to break that “No More Kickstarter New Year’s Resolution”.

Kickstarter News: Still not too late to jump in on the latest expansion for 12 Realms by MAGE Company called Ghost Town. which has raised over $20,000. Valya’s Velvet Dice Bags finished her campaign just shy of the $2,000 mark! You better hurry before it’s too late if you are interested in these Far Eastern Themed Fantasy Coins by 4am.

BattleHex: A Modular Hexagon Terrain System

Project By: Seth and Heath Robinson

After Seth and Heath Robinson’s  success with War of Kings, they have launched a new campaign for a new modular hex shaped terrain system called BattleHex.

With each hex measuring nine inches from corner to corner, a box of BattleHex  tiles contain enough hexagon tiles to cover your table with a beautiful 6′ x 4′ sprawling terrain for your next miniature skirmish.

Different terrain including rivers, tress, grasslands, and rocky areas will allow you to quickly setup and tear down a limitless variety of battlefields for 25mm, 28mm, 15mm and 10mm miniatures games.

There isn’t a lot of time to help make these a reality, and if some of the stretch goals are shattered, than these could become double sided hexes with roads and linen finish added.

So, if you need a portable, beautiful terrain set for your miniature game nights, than look no farther.

Real precious stone full 16mm Polyhedral Dice Sets

Project By: Adam Hackett

 Metallic Dice Games is already an established company that manufactures, you guessed it, polyhedral dice out of different metals.

They have launched a Kickstarter campaign that will help them expand into manufacturing dice out of semi-precious materials. The starting materials will be Clear Quartz, Hematite, Synthetic Opalite, and Red Jasper. With the first stretch goal already smashed through, three more materials are added to the list: Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, and Blue Sandstone.

These full 16mm polyhedral dice will be the talk of the table as you roll for crits and skill checks.

Short week this week, I know, but we will return to our regularly scheduled programming next week. Til than, keep playin’ to be playin’! Oh yeah, and don’t forget to hit that shiny red subscribe button so you don’t miss any of Troll In The Corner’s insightful publications!

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