Red7 is a fast, fun, extremely compact game that packs a lot of punch


Red7 is an amazing amount of fun packed into a tight, fast (5 minutes per round) game. It’s super simple concept – each round you must be winning the game, or you’re out. Starting out, all cards are numbered 1-7. The higher the card, the better. A 7 always beats a 6, however a red 6 will beat an orange 6 – because red is higher in the color spectrum than orange. Don’t worry about remembering your ROY G BIV though, you’ll have those handy reference cards in the upper left hand side of this picture.

Everything is done by the color spectrum (as you can see in the picture) and each color has a different effect on the game. Such as you must have the highest number card in play to win. Or you must have the most numbers below 4. Or the most even numbers and so on.

Each turn you have the chance to change the rules of the game by playing a color on the “canvas” or central pile, play a card to your ‘palette’ (your play pile) so that you’re currently winning, or play a card to your palette and then the canvas. You can choose to do nothing as well but then you automatically lose.

That’s it in the basic game. There are more advanced rules that make use of the iconography on the cards as well. You can play one round and call a winner at the end. Or you can play multiple rounds and score based on cards.

There’s also an advanced Red7 in which you’ll use the icons on the cards to cause different things to happen. From taking a card from someone else’s played cards to drawing new cards.

Bottom line: It’s a fun game. It plays super fast (say 5 minutes a round) once you get the hang of it and you an easily carry it around with you and teach new players the game in that five minute long first round. Another neat thing is that each card has the color written on it making it playable for folks who are color blind (to any degree). Is this the perfect game? Ha! Probably not, it’s a take on other games that allow you to change the rules. But this game incorporates it at a surprisingly deep level for such a small game.

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