Kick The Box December 22nd 2014 Edition

Kick The Box

Dec. 22nd Edition

Stroll after stroll down Kickstarter Lane this last year has yielded some mighty delicious treats . I can’t wait to see what 2015 has to bring for our cardboard hearts to fall in love with, and our paper wallets to hate. This will be the last picks for 2014. Next week, I will share my favorite and most anticipated Kickstarter games of 2014 as we finish out the year. Until then, sit back and enjoy this week’s show as I reveal my hand picked campaigns this week.

Kickstarter News: Biblios Dice ended it’s campaign fully funded over $20,000! Congratulations!  Pixel Tactics DELUXE!  has broke the $100,000 mark in their campaign with a little less than three weeks still left! Wow! Viceroy has breached the $200,000 mark with a few days left in their campaign!


Project By: FunForge LLC

Some environment tiles examples

ZNA is a new survival horror cooperative board game for 1-4 players by the guys that brought you Tokaido Collectors Edition.

A fog has rolled into town and has transformed people into zombie-like mutants. You are one of the few survivors trying not to become mutant food. Players will traverse across several different scenarios in the campaign book. You can get a group of friends together and run one shot scenarios or you can embrace the true horror of survival as player’s characters will be able to carry their resources, weapons, and equipment from one scenario to the next as the story progresses.

This is just the beginning. Funforge has many plans for the future of the ZNA universe, including a companion app with augmented reality for an enhanced gameplay experience. Of course, this can only be done if the stretch goals are met.

Ten Candles

Project By: Stephen Dewey

It’s been several days since you last saw the sun, or so you think. It has been an eternity since day and night has swapped places with one another, or so it seems. It is difficult to grasp time as we once knew it. Day to night, night to day was an every day occurrence since the first creatures walked the earth. It was taken for granted that it would always be that way. Now, things are different and survival is not an option.

Ten Candles is a tragic horror storytelling game. As Stephen explains in his Kickstarter video, this is different from a survivor horror story telling game. A survivor horror story telling game has player’s characters cooperatively working together with the goal of surviving the nightmarish events. A tragic horror story telling game have players working together with the goal of their characters leaving the greatest impact on the world that they can before their tragic demise. There are no survivors.

If weaving a tale of horror and tragedy in a dark, sunless world with friends is up your dark, foreboding alley, than I would strongly suggest you check out Ten Candles.

Mistborn Allomancy Dice

Project By: Crafty Games

Fans of the Mistborn Adventure Game rejoice! Crafty Games is offering another chance to grab yourself a set of premium, custom dice just for you! These custom, premium dice can be used for any game, but since each die will feature a symbol of the Allomancy Magic System instead of six pipped side of a D6, fans of the Mistborn books and game will find them even more gratifying.

Right now, at the time of this writing, the campaign is fully funded, resulting in eight dice with four different symbols in each set. With over thirty days still left in the campaign, there is an ample amount of time to unlock the different stretch goals which could result in more dice per pack or more variety of symbols on the dice.

Hurry and grab your set before they become extinct again!

Fantasy coins from the Far Eastern Realms

Project By: 4am

Photo 1024x768

Someone, somewhere always seems to have a set of coins available to enhance your gaming experience, whether it be for board games, LARPing, or RPGs. Generally the pseudo currency that people design are of medieval, fantasy, or science fiction genres. Now, metal coins of oriental flavor have arrived once again to Kickstarter by 4am.

Not only are the first eight designs from the original Kickstarter campaign included, but also four new designs celebrating creatures that bring great luck according to traditional Chinese myths. These new beautifully crafted coins will feature designs based on the Peacock, the Crane, the Pixiu, and the Kirin. Better hurry and grab your set before your good fortune runs amiss!

Well, that’s it for this week. I hope everyone’s holidays are joyous and full of dice chucking, cardboard punching, rule book reading good time with friends and family! Until next week, Keep playin’ to be playin’!

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