Kick The Box December 15th Edition

Kick The Box

Dec. 15th Edition

December 15th already! This year is flying by! In two weeks, instead of the normally scheduled programming, I will do a short round up of my favorite Kickstarter games that I’m either looking forward to receiving, I’ve previewed, or have already have delivered and played. Kind of a top 5 games of 2014 of crowd funded games. The list may include games that were funded in 2013 and I’ve had delivered this year, or games that funded this year, that I’m looking forward to playing next year. But, that is two weeks away still. This week we look towards our four tabletop games and related accessories Kick The Box Picks.

Kickstarter News: Cogz is closing on the $14k mark for their campaign. Be sure to check out my interview with Wesley of RAEZ about Cogz, and what the future holds for RAEZ and Cogz. Bright Future is fully funded. Look for my interview with the creators of this post apocalyptic game this next week! Artifacts Inc. concluded their funding campaign just short of $25,000! Congratulations Ryan!

12 Realms: Ghost Town

Project By: MAGE Company

MAGE Company has added another expansion to the 12 Realms base game. This time the town is missing. In order to recover the hidden town in Ghost Town, players must work together to find all of the sheriff’s items.

The new western themed invaders are two sided. When a player defeats an invader in Ghost Town, instead of the invader being removed from the game, it is flipped over to the ghost side of the character. The player than must defeat it again!

This expansion is smaller than the previous expansions. There isn’t any new hero minis that come with this expansion, but there are some new mechanics added that will add some more replayability to an already expansion heavy game.

If you are a fan of 12 Realms, than this is a must have to add to your game collection.

BoardGameGeek: The Card Game

Project By: BoardGameGeek

Photo 1024x768

To help offset the rising costs of hosting such a grand site as, BGG has jumped on the Kickstarter bandwagon with their second micro game, BoardGameGeek: The Card Game.

BGG:TCG, at it’s core, is a set collection game featuring the box artwork of some of your’s and I’s favorite games. You can choose to either collect the games or play the games. On your turn, their are several actions available to you. You can buy a game from the store, (draw one of the four face up cards), buy from the thrift store,(blind draw from the draw pile), initiate a trade with one of the other players, or do a MATH Trade. The MATH Trade is an interesting mechanic and a gamble. Players will select one or more cards and place them face down in the middle of the table, add a card from the store deck, and shuffle them together.The active player takes the shuffled pile and adds one to their hand. This pile is traded around the table til everyone has received the same amount of cards as they had placed in the MATH Trade.

Play continues around the table until the end card is drawn. The game immediately ends and the player who has scored the most points from their collection of games, wins!

Velvet Dice Bag

Project By: Valya Boutenko

In the market for a new dice bag? Is your cheaply made, mass produced dice bag falling apart at the seams? How about a soft, hand made, red velvet bag lined on the inside with a gray patterned, soft to the touch, cotton flannel.The beautiful Velvet Bags come in two sizes, 4×5 and 6×7 inches.

Valya has been a seamtress for 16 years and is offering her services to the public via this Kickstarter campaign. It is already fully funded, so hurry and get your order in before it is too late!


Project By: Eagle Games

On the island of Taluva, 2-4 players will take turns placing a tile adjacent or on top of other tiles, trying to expand their island and village for points at the end of the game.

This deluxe version of the classic game, first published in 2006, has been picked up for distribution by Eagle Games. This version has bigger tiles(3.7″ wide and a quarter of an inch think). With the increased size of the tiles, that means the wooden buildings have also grown in this deluxe version. The towers will be 1.3″ tall.

Build, expand, and stop your opponents from expanding their village in this tactical, tile laying, deluxe version of Taluva!

That’s this week’s picks! Be sure to leave any comments and suggestions below. If you don’t want to miss any editions of Kick The Box or other Troll in the Corner goodies, than be sure to click the red subscribe button!

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