A ton of amazing games on sale at Amazon.com today – Splendor, Panamax, Love Letter and lots more!


Holy Moly y’all! Lots of good stuff cheap today and all with Prime shipping available!

Splendor, my current favorite game in my entire collection is 42% off today on Amazon, at $23.09 

Star Realms is a cool 32% off at $10.17, which is a crazy price for a game this good. 

YT-2400 from X-Wing is 38% off at $18.64 and the VT-49  Decimator is 46% off at $21.58. 

Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem suffered another price drop and is now 43% off at $28.56. 

Agricola All Creatures Big and Small is 38% off at $24.62 with the full game of Agricola also at 46% off or $37.84. 

Love Letter is 50% off at $5.94 which is another crazy price. 

Ghost Stories is 47% off at $26.57. 

Qwirkle is 47% off at $18.99.

Spot It is 36% off at $9.00 

King of New York is 42% off at $29.08. 

Machi Koro continues to be cheap at 37% off or $18.88. 

Panamax which is brand spanking new is 34% off at $39.85. 

The new Dungeons and Dragons Players Handbook is 40% off at $29.95 and the DM’s Guide is also 40% off at $29.97. 


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