Kick The Box December 8th 2014 Edition

Kick The  Box

Dec. 8th Edition

This weeks stroll down Kickstarter Lane has lead us to a variety of games this week. A little bit of everything; some card playing, dice chucking, dice drafting, and miniatures games. Hit the news section and check out what games had what it takes to make it to this week’s Kick The Box feature!

Kickstarter News: Dice Hate Me’s New Bedford is only 20% short of their funding goal with a week left. If you’re looking for a medium weight Euro, this would be one to grab. Dragonflame finished their campaign with over 200% funded! Cogz is still going strong with over 200% funded as well! Look for an interview with Wesley later in the week!


Project By: Seth Hiatt

This is the new ENGLISH EDITION, note the Mayday Logo!

Viceroy is the English translation of a very beautiful and popular game in Russia, Viceroy (English Title). Viceroy is a 1-4 player game set in the fantastical land of Laar. Players develop their military and magical might in a pyramid of power and can invoke laws across the land for a strategic advantage. Players will also be competing for the precious stones needed to expand. The player with the most power points at the end of the game wins!

The game features an auction mechanic, and a really interesting cost mechanic. Different characters that you add to your pyramid of power will have a different cost depending on how high up the pyramid you place them. Of course, the level that you chose to play your character will also determine how good and what the reward you receive will be.

The strikingly beautiful Viceroy plays in 45-60 minutes.

~?? Pixel Tactics DELUXE! ??~

Project By: David B. Talton Jr.

 Pixel Tactics Deluxe has something to offer to both new or a long time veteran players of the Pixel Tactics franchise, Pixel Tactics Deluxe  adds 25 new characters that you can add to the other Pixel Tactics game or can be purchased and played as a stand alone game. Pixel Tactics Deluxe will also come in a box that will be big enough to hold it and the previous Pixel Tactics games and mini-expansions all in one box.

For those who aren’t familiar with Level 9’s Pixel Tactics, it is a game that pays homage to popular tactic games such as Disgaea  and Final Fantasy Tactics. Players will take turns placing their characters on the battlefield. Where you place them matters just as much as who you place. Different abilities will be available to you depending on their location on the battlefield. Play continues back and forth between the two players until a player’s leader has perished! The player with the surviving Leader wins!

Rum & Bones

Project By: CoolMiniorNot

CoolMiniorNot has hit another home run with another miniatures game. This time players will grab their heroes and their pirate crew and duke it out, old school ship boarding style!

Rum & Bones will support 2-6 players and plays in roughly 60 minutes. Probably, a little longer with more players.

The pirate crews are basically bots that have pre programmed movement and attack abilities. On the other hand, each player’s hero is completely controlled by the player. Each hero has three actions per turn. They will be able to move around the two ships and attack opponents heroes, key points of the ship, or their opponent’s bot crew.Event cards can be gathered and strategically played to tip the balance of power in your favor. But beware, the Kraken might be lurking near. If it is summoned, than both pirate crews best beware! The Kraken will show no favorite or mercy; no pirate will be safe!

Biblios Dice

Project By: Dr. Finn’s Games

Steve Finn has a new game on Kickstarter that carries the same theme as his previous game designs. Biblios Dice is not a filler or lighter version of Biblios, but quite the opposite. In Biblios Dice, the theme is the same. Each player is a medieval Abbott trying to create the most prestigious scriptorium.

Biblios is a 2-4 player game with some really neat mechanics. It offers dice drafting for collecting resources, dice manipulation for points, just like Biblios, and an auction ‘bonus’ phase every 2-5 turns or so, depending on when the mechanics of the game triggers it. It looks like the spirit and theme of Biblios is carried over into Biblios Dice.

If you are like me and enjoy Biblios, than be sure to check out Steve Finn’s new game, set in the same ‘monk universe’, Biblios Dice.

Thanks again for taking the time check out my little corner of the Internet. Be sure to hit the subscribe button as well, as leave any comments and suggestions below!

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