Kick The Box Dec 1st 2014

Kick The Box

Dec 1st Edition

I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a turkey filled holiday with lots of gaming included. This week’s Kick The box features a bleak looking future, a broken cogtraption, some World War II action, and a deck of playing cards, but of course, this is Kick The Box, so you know they won’t be just some plain jane, boring, old playing cards. Hit the news and read on to see this weeks picks!

Kickstarter News: Black Hat has accumulated 65% of their stretch goal so far. It’s still not too late to jump on this trick taking, hacker themed card game. Dragonflame has reached their funding goal! This card game about destroying villages and looting castles as a dragon sounds interesting to you, quickly head to their Kickstarter page. I’m sure they would appreciate your help. Also, New Bedford by Dice Hate Me Games has hit 70% of their pledge goal. Be sure to check it out if a historical setting, medium weight Euro game sounds fun to you!

Bright Future

Project By: Vermin Games

Nuclear war has finally devastated the topside of the planet Earth, leaving the remaining survivors of this post apocalyptic world to move deep underground to previously abandoned metro tunnels and bunkers from past wars and civilizations. Mankind days are limited as these tunnels were not designed for permanent residence. The only hope for survival is for a group of survivors to discover if the rumors of a legendary Russian bunker, filled with food and supplies, called the Tunnel of Power really does exist.

Bright Future offers ten unique mutant and human characters for players to choose from. Players will take turns drafting tunnel cards, playing them, and than visiting the locations in the tunnels, for better or for worse. As players move about the tunnel system, they can perform different actions, trying to eventually gather the access codes needed to enter the newly revealed door to what everyone hopes is the legendary Tunnel of Power.


Project By: Wesley Lamont of RAEZ

Project image

As the professor exits the room, he looks back, and exclaims. “And whatever you do, do not touch the Chromatic Cogtrapation! It is a work of science that you could possibly not understand!” And vanishes behind the sliding door. You hear the distinguishable sound of falling metal clanking against the concrete floor.The whirring and hissing sound of the professor’s contraption sputters and stalls. The sound of a pin drop could be heard as silence fills the room. Everyone knows what they must do. They must hurry to fix the contraption before the professor comes back!

Cogz is a 2-6 player tile swapping game. Players will take turns swapping out cogs. The main scoring will be the length of the colored cog after a tile is swapped.There are four different colors of cog pieces and players will be keeping track of points for each color. The color with the lowest point value is the player’s score.


Project By: Triton Noir

V-Commandos is a 1-4 player cooperative board game set in the trenches of WWII. Players will select their characters and try to defeat the game in one or more of the five available scenarios. Yes you heard me correctly! You can combine scenarios for a longer and more challenging campaign!

The game is about stealth and working your way around the battle terrain, completing the missions as stealthily as possible. If an alarm is raised, all hell breaks loose and the difficultly level of the campaign quickly begins to ramp up. The different objective scenarios will pit players against the game as they silently move about the board trying to eliminate German officers, freeing prisoners and allied officers, destroying ground planes, or protecting bridges, and more.

Triton Noir is offering a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don’t like the game, they will refund your money.

Shipping fees are listed towards the bottom of their Kickstarter page.

Golden Age Horror Comic Book Cover Playing Cards

Project By: Bobby Alexander

Project image

The Golden Age of Comics. Some of the most iconic magazine covers of all time and Bobby Alexander wants to bring them on a set of playing cards to you.

He wants to hire an artist to clean up the images, removing bends in the pages and any nasty pen marks. The original color and artwork will remain as intended. The artist is already paid for, and the funds will be for printing and shipping the deck of cards. The project is already fully funded and slowly closing in on the two, currently listed, stretch goals. The first stretch goal will allow him to have a custom tuck box designed for the deck, and the second stretch goal will allow the extra funds needed to have the artist create thematic and unique Ace-King icons.

That’s it for this week. Be sure to check back next week as we keep chugging along towards the end of the year. What games are you eyeballing on Kickstarter? Leave any comments and suggestions down below.


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