Amazon hits Cyber Monday with some board gaming deals


Lots of stuff going on today at Amazon, starting with their lightning deals.  Here’s what’s happening when, all times in EST.  Here’s where you’ll find the lightning deals.

Richard Scarry’s Busytown 8:58am.  Star Munchkin 11:28am. Agricola 1pm. Tsuro of the Seas 3pm. Steam Park 4pm. Star Wars Edge of Empire – Suns of Fortune RPG 4:30pm. Mage Wars 5:30pm.

Just on sale, with no Lighting Deals:

Galaxy Trucker is 37% off at $46.88.

Space Sheep is 50% off at $24.99.

Marvel Dice Masters: Uncanny X-Men while not over 30% off, still the cheapest it’s been on Amazon in a bit at $11.97 or 25% off.

Telestrations is 51% off at $14.66.

Sons of Anarchy – Men of Mayhem is 33% off at $33.56.

Smash Up is 33% off at $20.20.

Puerto Rico is 34% off at $29.64.

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