Kick The Box July 28th 2014 Edition

Kick The Box

July 28th Edition

As I trek down Kickstarter Lane, I am enamored with the amount of great looking games that are being displayed in the windows. Some new companies are always surfacing, but there are some well seasoned companies that have learned how to use Kickstarter to their fullest potential, while churning out some great content. There was a lot of debate on my end which games to include for this week’s Kick The Box.

Kickstarter News: The single player game Hostage Negotiator is over 500% funded with two weeks left in their campaign. Core Worlds Digital is fully funded and into the stretch goal race with a little over a week left in their campaign. Yomi has finished their campaign with over 700% funding!

Musée: Alf Seegert’s New Bookshelf Game of Classic Art!

Project By: Gryphon And Eagle Games

Musée Cards 36 to 40 from the 18th Century

Alf Seegert, co-designer of Cubist, another successful Kickstarter game, partnered with Gryphon & Eagle Games, have yet another game on Kickstarter. Alf is sticking with the ‘building a museum’ theme, but this time you are creating an art gallery with cards, and not a statue gallery with dice.

Your art gallery will consist of three levels, six cards deep. You will draw a hand of five cards of art. On your turn, you will place one card  anywhere in your museum. The only condition is that the numbers in the left hand corner will have to ascend from left to right. So, if you place a high number card on the far left side of the gallery level, that may leave you only a few cards that will be playable for the rest of the game.

The game ends when no one is able to place anymore cards into their museums. How many paintings you were able to place in your museum and the placement of the sets of related artwork all counts towards your point total. The player with the most points, wins.

Shipping is included in the contiguous US. Canada/non-contiguous US and US territories include shipping fee of $10. EU & Australia  include shipping of $14. Rest of World  include shipping of $20.

Trekking The National Parks

Project By: Bink Ink LLC

Trekking The National Parks is a family hand management game for 2-6 players. You will be competing against the other players, trying to visit as many National Parks as possible and collecting their cards and park tokens(randomly placed color stones.)

During your turn you can either draw a Trek card, which are used as either currency for buying the National Park cards, or as a movement cost, move your explorer across the map, or with  your explorer at the National Park, and the right combination of Trek Cards, claim one of the National Park cards that are worth different amounts of points.

Every game will also include a 32 page book highlighting main attractions of all 59 National Parks.

U.S. Shipping is included. Add $20 USD per game for shipping to Canada.  Add $40 USD per game for shipping anywhere else in the world. Insurance and tracking option available for an additional $10.

The Resistance – Hostile Intent & Hidden Agenda

Project By: Indie Boards And Cards

Indie Board and Cards has not one, but two expansions for The Resistance in one Kickstarter campaign. Hostile Intent and Hidden Agenda add new roles to this popular hidden role game. The Reverser can reverse any mission status, either a failed mission to succeed, or a successful mission to fail. The Inquisitor adds the first optional player role to the game of Resistance. This player will be able to look at another player’s affiliation.

Also some of the cards from the Avalon Universe will now be added. You will be able to add the Assassin’s, Defector, or Trapper module to your Resistance game. These roles and more are included in both expansions.

You can either wait til the retail version of these expansions, or jump on to their Kickstarter campaign and receive the Kickstarter campaign exclusives!

Different pledge levels for different shipping needs.

Aquasphere by Stefan Feld

Project By: Michael Mindes

Tasty Minstrel Games are busy with Kickstarter campaign after Kickstarter campaign. Each one more successful than the next.

This time they are bringing Stefan Feld’s  Aquasphere to a table near you in the US and Canada!

Aquasphere will pit your research team against your opponent’s in a race to acquire the most knowledge. Each player will be using their team of scientists, reprogrammable bots, and submarines, to examine the octopods, upgrade their labs, or collect crystals. You will be balancing the need for more lab space with the actual collecting of the data. The game happens over four rounds, with a game time of 25 minutes per player. The game seats 2-4 players.

Different pledge levels for different shipping needs in US and Canada.

There you have this week’s showcased games. Return next week to see which games I feel deserve your attention, and be sure to hit the subscribe button so you won’t miss any of Troll In The Corner’s marvelous content, including Kick The Box.



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