Kick The Box July 21st 2014 Edition

Kick The Box

July 21st Edition

After a pleasant week of camping and sight seeing some of Western Montana’s famous ghost towns and National Parks, including Glacier National Park, it was time to return back to civilization. Upon my return, I have finished up this week’s Kick The Box, which features Meeples, Wanted Outlaws with a  dash of  Hostage Negotiator while Isle Surfing for a well rounded evening of fun and delight.

Kickstarter News: Core Worlds Digital is closing in on their pledge level of $20,000. You still have a little over two weeks left to jump in. Spells of Doom is fully funded with a couple of stretch goals already under their belts. Still not too late to jump in. Scrapyard Empire campaign ended with over $36,000 funding. Congratulations!

Wanted: The Outlaws

Project By: Bibelot Games

Enter the wild, wild west in the form of a new card and dice game. Wanted:The Outlaws is a simple but fun 1-4 player game. With two decks, the game will accommodate up to 8 players.

Players are new faces in an old western town. They have come to the town looking’ to build up their reputation as outlaws. You will do this by, first, gathering your posse, and than doing jobs.

During your turn, you can and must do one of three things. Out of the six decks of shuffled cards representing the town center, you can hire a character and add them to your posse. Or, if your posse’s stats are higher than the job stats, you can attempt the job, hoping to gather loot and reputation, but be careful, there is always a possibility of some of your posse members ending up on the wrong side of the barrel. You can also choose to report a tip, which will let you discard one of the revealed cards and gain one loot for snitching to the sheriff about some illegal activity you had heard about.

As soon as the last card has been emptied from the town center and the game ends. Count up your reputation, and the person with the most wins!

Shipping is included for US. Add $20-$35 for shipping outside the US, depending on your pledge level.

Character Meeples For Tiny Epic Defenders

Project By: Meeple Source

Photo main

Meeplesource is once again collaborating with Gamelyn Games. This time they are offering you a chance to upgrade you’re freshly pledged Tiny Epic Kingdom game with some colorful meeples.

All the Meeples are classy representations of the hero classes and foes. This is a limited time offer from Meeple Source at a decent price.

Shipping within the US is included. Add between $5-$14 depending on your pledge level for international shipping.

Hostage Negotiator

Project By: A.J. Porfirio

Your office phone that is resting aside your propped up feet suddenly screams a bellowing ring. Startled, you jump and quickly answer the phone.  You intently listen to the calm, but rushed voice on the other end.

“Hostages? I’m on my way.”

Just when you thought it was going to be an early night.

Hostage Negotiator is a 15-30 minute, single player game, pitting you against an AI Abductor. (It could probably even be a 5 minute game if things go bad fast!) Your goal is to save at least half of the hostages and either eliminate or capture the Abductor alive.

 The game consists of multiple rounds of three phases. In the first phase, you will be using the Conversation cards from your hand, attempting to influence the Abductor’s threat level, save hostages, and earn Conversation points. Phase two consists of you spending any Conversation points that you have obtained on other Conversation cards to add to your hand for later use. Than, the third and final phase is the Terror Phase. The Terror Phase represents actions that happen in between the conversation that almost always has a terrible effect.

Can you talk down the Abductor and save all the hostages?

Shipping within the US is included. Depending on your pledge level, Add $20-$40 for shipping outside the US.

Island Surf!

Project By: Tyler Tinsley

I’m generally not a fan of ‘dexterity’ games. If I’m feeling the need to hop up and down, run, twinkle my toes, blow, drop things, or whatever else the game rules calls for, I’ll go outside for a bike ride,throw a ball around with my nephews and or nieces or play some frisbee golf.

But, there is always an exception to the rule, and I think Island Surf! is that exception for several reasons.  One, the dexterity part of it is that you have to “surf” with two fingers across several marbles around a course that you set up. Two, it reminds me of the little finger skateboards that I use to play with with my kids when they were younger. And three, it is a simple, but beautiful game. Not only is dexterity involved, but a dash of strategy is thrown in as well for good measure.

You can place the marbles farther apart, making it more difficult to ‘surf’ across them, but gaining more distance on a successful run, or  you can play conservatively, and place the marbles closer together making it easier to ‘surf’ across them. The choice is up to you as you surf the marbley waves to victory!

Different pledge levels for different shipping needs.

That’s it for this week gamers! Stop back by my little corner of Kickstarter Avenue and Interweb Express to see what delightful offerings I have to show you next week!

Feel free to hit the big, red subscribe button in the corner so you don’t miss any of the wonderful offerings that Troll In The Corner has to offer. And leave any comments, suggestions, hate mail, praises, chocolate, games, and whatever else you feel the need to leave down below. Thanks again for stopping by, and until next week; Keep playin’ to be playin’

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