Kick The Box July 7th 2014 Edition

Kick The Box

July 7th Edition

This week’s Kick The Box features games that will have you robbing coaches for loot, wizard’s dueling, and some steampunk invention building for good measure. What amazing games are these you ask?  I guess you’ll have to read on for a quick summary of these fine games and more. Also, in the news section are two extremely successful and highly reputable campaigns that you must see, if you haven’t backed them already.

Kickstarter News: Pop Up Miniature Terrain finished their successful Kickstarter campaign with an astonishing 1211% funding. Hurry! There is less then 48 hours remaining in Stegmaier’s amazingly successful Treasure Chest campaign before it is too late! Penny Press is about to enter their final 48 hours for their campaign also. Hurry so you don’t miss it!

Stand & Deliver

Project By: David Morris

As traveling by horse drawn coach became more popular, so did the targeting of them by Highwaymen.

Stand & Deliver pits 1-6 players against one another as infamous Highwaymen trying to avoid the Redcoats and the Tyburn Gallows. Each turn the amount of coaches placed in the center of the table equals the number of players. Each player will secretly choose which coach they will target. After everyone reveals their targets, then you will draw from the deck of cards, for each coach, the victim of the robbing. This will reveal how much loot, if you’ve been shot or not during the robbery, and if and how much your notoriety will increase.

If more then one player has chosen the same coach to rob, then each player will secretly decide whether they want to withdraw, share, or shoot the other Highwaymen. This could make for some interesting negotiation, alliances, or breaking of alliances and/or friendships.

Different pledge levels for different shipping needs.


Project By: David Sirlin

Yomi brings the fighting video game genre to the tabletop card game genre. With a beautiful art style that puts the Street Fighter video game franchise to shame, this 1 vs 1, or 2 vs.2, tag team play, looks very impressive with it’s ease of learning, and depth of strategy.

There will be 20 different character decks released over a set span of time, but as a Kickstarter backer, you have the chance to get them all with a nice box to store them all in.

Even though there is still a little over a week left in their campaign, a lot of the stretch goals have already been kicked down. Now is the time to jump on board if you are interested in a new LCG format card game for two or four players.

Shipping is broken down nicely in an easy to read chart towards  the bottom of their Kickstarter  page.

Spells of Doom

Project By: Drawlab

Counter Attack skill card and Metal Slap spell card

If a street fighting card game isn’t quite what you’re looking for in a 1 vs. 1 or 2 vs. 2, team play game, than Spells of Doom might be.

Spells of Doom will pit player’s wizards opposing each other in an arena style deathmatch. Like Yomi, each character’s card deck is pre assembled, so there is not a deck building aspect. There are a lot of subtle layers of strategy in the game. The one I find most interesting is the ability to lay down spell cards in front of you, ‘thinning’ out your deck,  but giving up any element of surprise since your opponent will be able to see them.

You will have to strike the balance of mana management, offense and defense in order to become the victor in Spells of Doom.

Shipping is included in US, EU, and Canada for most of the pledge levels. Add $10 for most pledge levels for shipping to other parts of the world.

Scrapyard Empire

Project By: Galliant Games

In your quest for an infamous philanthropist’s unclaimed wealth, you and your opponents will be trying to complete two inventions using only parts from a scrapyard.

Scrapyard Empire is a 1-4 player set collecting game. A player’s possible actions during their turn will allow them to dig through the scrapyard, test Lady Luck by drawing a card, steal junkyard parts from another player, or initiate a trade with one of the other players.

Collect, steal, and negotiate your way to being the first player to successfully complete two inventions. But be careful, the other players will also be trying to backstab their way to victory also.

Shipping prices are broken down in a  simple, easy to read format towards the bottom of their Kickstarter campaign page.

That’s it for this week. Check back next week for another round of Kickstarter games that I’m compelled to throw money at. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions and hit the subscribe button so you won’t miss any of my marvelous Kick The Boxes and other Troll In The Corner Goodies.

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