Kick The Box June 30th 2014 Edition

Kick The Box

June 30th Edition

There are just too many great tabletop projects on Kickstarter right now. Window shopping for tomorrow’s games at it’s finest. Here are my picks that make the cut this week.

Kickstarter News: Historia is now over 700% funded with a little over two weeks still left in their campaign. Penny Press has broken the $30,000 pledge level mark with a little over a week left in their campaign. Harbour is also still going strong with over 700% funding and two weeks still left in their campaign as well. Tiny Epic Defenders has kicked through the $100,000 barrier also with a little over two weeks left in their campaign.

Treasure Chest: Realistic Resource Tokens for Board Games

Project By: Jamey Stegmaier

The same guys who brought you the amazing games Euphoria, Viticulture, and Tuscany games have a new Kickstarter campaign. Treasure Chest: Resource Tokens for Board Games gives you the ability to upgrade many of your games resource tokens in one fell swoop.

You’ll be able to replace your wooden and plastic cubes with realistic representations of gold, wood, ore, stone, clay, and gems made out of resin and metal. With every 100 backers that pledge to their Kickstarter campaign, they are adding one more resource to the total count; i.e.+1 gold after the first 100 backers, then +1 wood after the next 100 backers, and so on. So, when the campaign first started, a backer would only be receiving 20 of each type of resource. Now that over 1800 backers have pledged, they are up to 23 tokens of each resource!

So the more backers that kick into the project before time expires, the more everyone will receive!

Visit their shipping chart towards the bottom of their Kickstarter page for shipping prices related to your country.

The Shadow Over Westminster

Project By: Zenion Games

Zenion Games already has one successful Kickstarter campaign under the belts with NOVUS  and are poised to repeat with their new Kickstarter campaign for The Shadow Over Westminster.

The Shadow Over Westminster is cooperative deck building game set in modern day London. You and your fellow comrades will be working together to overcome the darkness that is looming over London. Players will randomly draw one of the fifteen Cataclysm cards and place it face down, not revealing it to the players. You may be facing one of Lovecraft’s infamous Great Old Ones, or a Gate to Hell is opening, or you may have a traitor in your midst are just a few examples of what players will be up against. No one will know until the players have gathered enough clues to be able to reveal it. Defeat the evil and everyone wins, but if London falls to the shadows of darkness, then all is lost, including the game.

Special shipping tier for Canadians has been added. Shipping within US is included. Add $30 for shipping outside the US.

New Dawn

Project By: Artipia Games

New Dawn is the thematic sequel to the successful and highly rated  game Among The Stars, but  instead of a card drafting game, New Dawn is a space exploration game.

The Alliance was formed many years ago, and all the alien races had agreed to work together towards one common goal. In time, this has proven to be more difficult then was expected. The rising costs of the building of the space stations has tempted alien races of the Alliance to rediscover the lost artifacts of the war, determined it will help the stalling economy.

Players will assume the role of one of the different alien alliance official sent out to explore regions, establish bases, seize control of facilities, send ambassadors, produce resources and send aid to the Alliance. Go out and rediscover the lost and forgotten facilities and come away the victor.

There is an Essen Pick up option. Shipping with in the US, EU, and Canada is included; for all other countries, $10 will need to be added.


Project By: Dennis Hoyle

You and your lab partners work for a corporate research laboratory, when something horrible goes wrong! A toxin has been released into your lab and all of you  must now work together to find the antidote. Everyone will need to share their research in order to discover the antidote. But, will your partners be sharing all the information they have?  Or will they be withholding information that you need? After all, it is only life or death. It is now every man and woman for himself!

You will need to use your deduction skills to figure out who is withholding important information needed for your survival.  Will you be the one to discover the antidote before the others?

Antidote is a semi cooperative, deduction game where everyone will need to work together to discover the antidote, but there can be only one survivor.

Different pledge levels for different shipping needs.

That’s it for this week. I hope everyone that celebrates Fourth of July has a safe and fun holiday with many games played; and for everyone else, I wish them also a fun filled week and weekend filled of gaming with friends and family. Til next week, Keep playin’ to be playin’!

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