Kick The Box June 23rd Edition 2014

Kick The Box

June 23rd Edition

This week’s Kick The Box is, in part, brought to you by the 4th Annual Wayne Foundation Charity RPG Bundle! Over $240 worth of product for $20 and goes to a great cause!

Skipping down Kickstarter Avenue can be detrimental to one’s health, so I shall say, be safe as we roll into this week’s picks. During the week we have  some breaking newspaper news about a last ditch effort to save mankind. You can also travel back in time and reset civilization or work together to save a kingdom.

Kickstarter News: Shadow Throne is almost fully funded with three days left in their campaign! Hurry before you miss it! Twilight Struggle Digital Edition is still amassing a lot of attention and has raised over $250,000 during their campaign. The Captain is Dead! by The Game Crafter is also still going strong with a little over two weeks left in their Kickstarter campaign.

Penny Press

Project By: Chris Cieslik

Press Passes included in every Kickstarter copy!

Penny Press is set in the late 1800’s. Players will take on the role as one of the newspaper barons. They will be competing for readers as they send out their reporters to cover major stories and events.

The heart of Penny Press is a worker placement/area control game. Players will be moving their reporters to different story lines, trying to get the most reporters on as many story headlines as possible.Once a player feels that they have the maximum points they are going to be able to score, then they can decide to publish their newspaper, scoring points for the stories that they have the most reporters at.

Shipping within US is included. Add $25 or $40 for shipping outside of the US, depending on your pledge level.


Project By: MAGE Company

Historia is a civilization game that will last over three ages, 12 rounds and has some unique mechanics. Each player will have a deck of cards with different action abilities. Players will be choosing a single card from their hand of cards and revealing them simultaneously. Each card allows a player to enhance their  civilization in different ways; increase their technology, increase military strength, build wonders, and others.

Historia will support 1-5 players with a gametime of about 25 minutes per player.

There are no shipping costs to Italy, Svizzera, USA, Canada, Japan, and Israel. For other EU Countries add $25. Rest of the World add $40. For the Platinum pack, shipping costs are: $37 for EU and $60 for rest of the world.

Tiny Epic Defenders

Project By: Gamelyn Games


After the Great War, an alliance has been formed and a new Capitol City built. Just as peace started sweeping the land, a new threat emerges from the shadows.

After the smashing success of Tiny Epic Kingdom, Gamelyn Games has released another micro game called Tiny Epic Defenders. This time, instead of competing for resources and trying to expand your Kingdom, players will be working together trying to stop a new threat.

Another micro game  that combines portability with  both depth and complexity in one little package.

US shipping is included. International shipping varies depending on pledge level;$12 being the lowest.

Last Starfleet

Project By: Sam Oplinger

Check out the bottom of this page for close-up images of some of the components!

In the year 4010, Humans have constructed life sustaining ships, but still haven’t colonized any worlds outside of Mother Earth. After Earth is destroyed, leaving the few humans that happened to be aboard ships, the last of their kind, in a sudden, desperate mission to find a planet to recolonize and save the human race.

The Last Starfleet is a cooperative card game for 2-6 players. Players are captains of starships that have found a planet that will be sustainable for humans. Their goal is to deliver enough people planetside to start a new colony.

Shipping within US is included. Add $50 for shipping outside the US.

Hope everyone has a great start to their summer and thanks for checking out the latest Kick The Box. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions and hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss any’s goodies. Until next week, ‘Keep playin’, to be playin”

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