Age of Empires 2 HD – Wargaming Recon #116

Age of Empires 2 HD

Almost 20 years ago Microsoft released one of the most incredible real time strategy (RTS) computer games ever. More recently they updated and optimized the classic Age of Empires (AoE) 2 to work on modern computers. Age of Empires 2 HD is quite a game.

For a limited time you can purchase it for $2.49 (regularly $9.99) via Steam. If you do, be sure to look us up on Steam. Our username is WargamingRecon. We’d love to game with you and relive the days of hearing “Monk…I need a monk” and “Long time no siege” while playing Age of Empires.

We apologize that our scheduled guest, Steven MacLauchlan, does not appear in this episode. He needed to cancel for personal reasons. We’re working to reschedule him to come on an episode sometime in September 2014.

On our Facebook page prior guest Aaron Bostian shared a photo of his first time playing 1775 : Rebellion by Academy Games. He also left the below comment.

  1. “This was the introductory scenario with 2 players, then we played the full campaign with 4 players. This game is a great balance of an elegantly simple system with a strong historical theme.”

iTunes Reviews

  • Lambruzs left a 5 star review titled Good Gaming Podcast saying “Good content, pleasant host. A pleasure to listen to.”
  • Pagan_Knight left a 5 star review titled Great Wargaming Podcast saying “Interesting and heartfelt show about historical miniature wargaming. Caters to everyone in the hobby from the experienced grognard to the casual player to the curious potential newbie.”
  • Batfink#1 left a 4 star review titled Good Stuff saying “Only recently subscribed, but enjoying the last 3 episodes all the same. Being a fan of other wargaming podcasts my new years resolution has been to expand my gaming experience with different gaming systems and not just focus on 40k. Nice one guys”

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Upcoming Guests for Wargaming Recon
Henry Hyde, editor of Miniature Wargames with Battlegames AND author of The Wargaming Compendium, will be the featured guest on August 4, 2014.

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One thought on “Age of Empires 2 HD – Wargaming Recon #116

Add yours

  1. AoE II is and will remain one of the best strategy games of my generation; simple, effective, thorough, soundtrack sufficient with a large number of units, technology and civilizations …

    It will upset more than one person and sincerely, even for today’s graphics suffer no worries and are acceptable.

    Players who have not known the judge a little too retro tastes and this is normal! At the time, Microsoft wanted to give us back a touch of nostalgia and even though it is certainly very commercial as an act, it is fun to former addicts play.

    And most importantly, we can achieve a big dream: to play AoE with REAL players!


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