Kick The Box June 16th 2014 Edition

Kick The Box

June 16th Edition

As we creep past the halfway mark of June and into our summer months, the games and gaming accessories on Kickstarter also start to heat up. The amount of newly formed campaigns for tabletop games and accessories have been increasing each week for the last month. There are several new start ups I will be featuring in the coming weeks. This week we have Progress while The Captain is Dead! in a Harbour along the Pop Up Miniature Terrains.


Kickstarter News: For those who missed Dog Might Games Kickstarter campaign for their Customizable Deck Boxes, you can now visit their newly redesigned website to create and order your very own. You can find my review of the Deck Box they sent me here. Twilight Struggle Digital Edition has surpassed the $215,000 pledge mark with over two weeks left in their campaign. Shadow Throne is closing in on their funding goal with a little over a week and a half  left. You can find our own Ben Gerber’s podcast with Shadow Throne’s game designer, Teal Fristoe, right here.

Progress: Evolution of Technology

Project By: NSKN Games-Ludibooster

Progress: Evolution of Technology is a 2-5 player,with a solo variant, tech tree building game. You will be leading your nation’s research team from the earliest inventions of man, through Medieval and Renaissance Times and into the beginning of the Industrial Age. It is a victory point based game.

Your victory points will be determined by what positions you hold on all three of the Power Tracks. The most advanced player, for each track, will be awarded ten points, second player receives six points, the third player receives three victory points and the last player will receive one victory point. Plus, you also add any victory points from your player board and the technologies you have discovered. After all the tallying is done, he/she with the most victory points is proclaimed the leader of the most advanced civilization and wins the game!

Shipping within US is included. Add $5 for shipping to Canada and EU. Add $10 for shipping everywhere else in the world.

The Captain Is Dead!

Project By: The Game Crafter

A new 2-7 player, frantic, cooperative board game, The Captain Is Dead!,  is available now on Kickstarter from the same company that successfully funded Village In a Box, The Game Crafter. The goal of the game sounds easy enough; get the engines back online and you win! But hold up! Just like any other interesting cooperative board game, the goal is always easier said than done. Your captain is dead, you have an alien ship bombarding your ship with torpedoes and lasers, and hostile aliens are constantly boarding your ship and wreaking havoc.

Just like most of the cooperative board game genre, you will find the phase mechanics familiar. You start the game by drawing the number of cards equal to the number of players to see what immediate crisis has arisen. The first player will take their actions, trying to alleviate the most immediate danger threatening to destroy the ship. After his turn, you draw another card to see the next form of crisis that has befallen upon your crew or ship. Then the second player takes their turn. This will continue unto either you’re crew and ship have been blown to pieces or you are able to successfully fire up the engines and hyperspace away from the hostile alien ship.

Since there are two other games that you can add, the shipping will vary depending on your location and pledge level.

Pop-Up Miniature Terrain

Project By: Stonehaven Miniatures

The transportation and storing of different types of terrain for miniature gaming can be a hassle. Stonehaven Miniatures, with three successful Kickstarter campaigns under their belts already, are ready to help you alleviate that problem with their new Kickstarter campaign, Pop-Up Miniature Terrain Kit.

There are five different settings without the stretch goals added in. You can choose between a graveyard, ruins, gazebo, engine works, and an outpost. Now that the campaign is fully funded, stretch goals are starting to be kicked down. There is already an extra 30 square inches of bushes, debris, and cargo added to the Full & Assembled Kits. Also, the stretch goal for the Viking Village has been surpassed and is now available also.

You can pledge as little as $15 for the pdf. files to print your own terrain and instructions, and access to the tutorial videos, or you can skip all that hub bub and  pledge $160 for a completely assembled set of scenarios mailed directly to you.

Faq at the bottom of the page for shipping information for the non-digital items.


Project By: Michael Mindes

Almost everything Michael Mindes and Tasty Minstrel Games touches and creates turns to gold. With several successful, fun, light  games like Scoville, Coin Age, Templar Intrigue, and Dungeon Roll successfully funded through Kickstarter, they don’t seem to be slowing down.

Their latest game, Harbour, is another light, 2-4 player, easy to learn, hard to master game. It has a simple worker placement mechanic and innovative market for buying and selling.

Players are entrepreneurs in a fantasy harbor, containing your normal fantasy tropes; Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, and others. During the game, players will have one, and yes only ONE, worker to place on an unoccupied building. Your goal is to gather, buy, and sell enough resources to build buildings for their special abilities and prestige points. It’s the prestige points that matter at the end of the game. They are what are needed to win!

Shipping within the US is included. Add $6 for shipping everywhere else in the world.

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