Kick The Box Dog Might Games Customizable Deck Boxes Review

Kick The Box

Dog Might Games Customizable Deck Boxes Review

box_pyramidWhen I first took notice of Dog Might Games Kickstarter campaign featuring their Customizable Deck Boxes, I was intrigued by the idea of deck boxes made out of wood with a fully customizable design.

I scrolled down their page, taking in all the nuances, watching the videos, and than kicked on over to their website, My head exploded with all the possible combinations for decorating and customizing your own box. There are over twenty different wood and tarnish choices,  twenty five plus different stud types, twenty four different stud arrangements, wood nails, fasteners, hinges, sigil, and much, much more. There are literally billions upon billions of different combinations that will guarantee that no two boxes will look the same. Even if a person was to choose the same combination of items, they still wouldn’t look exactly the same because of the variants in natural wood.

Screenshot 2B

After featuring Dog Might Games on Kick The Box, they were kind enough to send me my choice of one of their ‘Classic Line’ Deck Boxes for free for review. I had a tough time deciding on which of the boxes I wanted. They all were elegant pieces of craftsmanship. After much deliberation,  I elected  the Deadly Bounty Deck Box to become mine. It is made out of  white ash wood with a dark walnut finish. The professionally finished wood is highlighted with a nickel butt hinge, small nickel corners, a nickel swing latch, large nickel studs, and a nickel chain banding and handle.2014-06-07 10.12.55

2014-06-07 10.12.11

After a few short weeks, a small box arrived on my door. I brought it inside and promptly started to remove the Deadly Bounty Deck Box from it’s cardboard cage. I was delighted to see that the same amount of care that had been put into the building of the box, was also put into the packaging. The box didn’t receive any dings or nicks from it’s many bumps and tosses that it surely encountered along it’s journey from Michigan to Washington state.

After handling and inspecting the box, I found there was one minor blemish to an almost perfect box. The latch didn’t quite close all the way. It wasn’t enough that it wouldn’t lock, but it wasn’t flush with the face of the box either. I emailed Dog Might Games about it and they said they would look into it.  The next day, I received a response back stating that they had found the problem with the latch.

Their official response was, “The hardware that came with it (latch) won’t allow it to close fully on a flat surface so we’ve sourced some new screws for that particular latch.” They thanked me for the feedback and were kind enough to offer replacing the screws for me if I wanted to send it back to them. I thanked them and told them how much I appreciated the offer and I was fine with the way it was and that it was more of a headache for both us than it was worth. I just wanted to let them know before an actual paying customer was to receive one of them. You have to love customer service! Prompt with their responses and were willing to fix any issues I had with it.

This is and will be the sturdiest deck box one could ever have in their possession. It is heavy but not too heavy; considering it’s hand crafted and built from solid wood. I’m sure the weight will vary a little depending on what type of wood you use for your own. Their attention to detail is second to none. All the nail patterns are perfectly symmetrical and placed with careful attention. Every deck box will hold 100 sleeved cards, 125 regular cards, or 75 double sleeved cards. What is the most impressive feature about this deck box, is how much it actually looks like the picture. This is one of the most important pieces to the whole puzzle. When I am ordering something online, especially an item with so many customizable parts, it’s important to be confident that the  final product is going to look like the Picasso design I have created. The only thing that doesn’t match up with the picture, is the chain around the top of the box. It does rest a little bit on top of the studs, but not much you can do about that, since gravity affects the analog world and not the digital world.

4ab6d48d907f3b64785d9347857a494d_largeI questioned Mike about their process for making the boxes and he replied with, “All boxes are made on site in our workshop here in Michigan. Domestic species such as Ash, Cherry, Maple and Oak are processed entirely by us: we cut the trees, haul them out of the woods, and get a mill on site to make boards. Once cut, the boards are then air and kiln dried by us to bring the moisture content down to a usable range. Where possible we prefer to reclaim lumber and are very selective about cutting live trees. Exotic wood is kept on hand and imported as need be. Once a board is ready to be worked, it is then dressed, assembled, sanded, and stained by us. The final step is adding all of the hardware and customization to the box.”

Of course, all this hand crafted greatness does come with a price. A deck box will start at $35 for the bare minimum, and the prices will change in real time as you add and subtract different items to your box.4a59a9fb4474cb8bd1d456a3bc17fddb_large

I can’t stress enough how happy I am to have such a beautiful box to carry my Star Realms deck around in. It beats the hell out of the cardboard box the game came in. I know that if I was to drop the box, I would fear for the safety of anything that was in its path than the box itself, or anything inside of it. I’m going to have to order a couple more in the coming months for other card games that I own to help protect them during our road and camping trips during the summer months.

Even though their Kickstarter campaign is over, you can still order your own personal deck box at their newly redesigned website, You can choose one of the boxes from their pre-designed Classic Line, or if you have recently pledged for Maha Yoda, Pirates!, Backstab, The Legend of Tarot, I Say, Holmes, Black Market Warehouse, Concept Cards, or Thy Realm on Kickstarter, you can now order a limited time, exclusive box to help protect your new game. Or, create your own masterpiece design and have it built and delivered right to your doorstep! Take it from me, you won’t be disappointed with any of these options!


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