Indie Talks – OSAP Episode 3


Welcome to our third full session of Actual Play Old School RPG! Join our team of intrepid adventurers as they take on Orcs and Ogres using Palladium’s Fantasy RPG, 1st Edition.

In this episode, we get jumped by a pig. With a stinger! Then we talk a bunch of highly trained, heavily armed troops in to letting us scout for them. In our scouting mission, we kill giant wolves with knives, open a bunch of doors and accidentally bypass the majority of the dungeon.
Our team

Scott: GM

Ben: Hamish Snozzle (3rd level Elf Wizard) and Heretofor Unamed (2nd level Assassin, almost good creeper).

Dan: Mukkluk (3rd level Kobold Mind Mage and Pole arm Tosser).

Jenn: Echo (Human Warlock and Not-worg impaler).

The check mix

  • The party was assaulted by some sort of pig/scorpion hybrid.  We won.
  • We stood aside as 60 armed knights rode past.  They talked to us and somehow we ended up richer, and walking 50 kilometers to reconnoiter a keep.
  • Before they reached the keep, they got jumped by orcs riding wolves.  The warlock casts her first spell of the game, and then impales several wolves with sharp, pointy things.
  • The spellcasters level up.  Fireball becomes an option.
  • They open doors.
  • They then bypass a good chunk of the dungeon thus giving our GM fits.

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