Indie Talks – OSAP Episode 2


Welcome to our second full session of Actual Play Old School RPG! Join our team of intrepid adventurers as they take on Orcs and Ogres using Palladium’s Fantasy RPG, 1st Edition.

In this episode – we begin to record just as a nasty thunder and lightning storm moves through! We rescue the salty mouthed innkeep, reunite her with her daughter and get slapped around by some orcs. Only to realize that we’ll once again have to cross that river, and try to get the attention of an entire fort of soldiers who think this is just another boring day on the dusty frontier. Lastly, we get mugged.

Our team

Scott: GM

Ben: Hamish Snozzle (2nd level Elf Wizard) and Heretofor Unamed (2nd level Assassin, Olympic swimmer).

Dan: Mukkluk (Kobold Mind Mage and footwear expert).

Jenn: Echo (Human Warlock and Mr. Universe competitor).

The fiddly bits:

  • The party tracked down a small band of Orcs, panicked a bit and rescued the innkeeper.
  • They escorted her back towards the keep. Or was it the other way around?
  • Once again they valiantly strove against a not so raging river, and mostly prevailed.
  • On arriving back at the keep, they talked their way into the captains office and underwhelmed him with tales of orcs and ogres.
  • They then ran like little girls from the approaching non-human army.
  • In the last encounter of the session, they mostly slept, but not on purpose.

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