Kick The Box June 2nd 2014 Edition

Kick The Box

June 2nd Edition

This week’s picks includes a little bit of everything. King Arthur with some Gemchips for his currency. And an Inventor’s Market and some space exploration to boot!

Kickstarter News: Snitch! has been canceled and will be rebooted at a later date. Lords of the Ice Garden has hit over 225% of their funding goal! Maha Yodha has reached almost 150% of it’s funding goal and still has over two weeks left in their campaign. Don’t miss the opportunity to jump on these and the other Kickstarter’s below!

Albion’s Legacy

Project By: Lynnvander

Realm Tiles and Virtues

Enter the world of Camelot and choose to become one of the many legendary characters in the King Arthur folklore.

The cooperative board game will support up to four players, but the Deluxe and Exclusive boxes will net you enough content and players to allow up to six players.

During Albion’s Legacy, you will be scouting and revealing Camelot in an ever changing modular game board. Time is running short as you try to collect lore-enriched relics, artifacts, and weapons, while trying to solve one of the many King Arthur historical stories and myths.

Shipping rates are explained at the bottom of their Kickstarter page.

Inventor’s Market

Project By: Clockwork Design Games

Inventor’s Market is set in a Steampunk Victorian 1899 era. You are an inventor trying to be first to build your invention for the 1900 World Fair.

This card game that supports 2-6 players and will have you scavenging parts and trying to sabotage your rival’s inventions. There are several inventions that you can try to build; including the Nautilus, the Moon Cannon, the Death Ray, and much, much more.

An easy to learn, quick filler that would be great for when you are waiting on friends to arrive at your next meetup!

Different pledge levels for different shipping needs.


Project By: Gameknight


One of the most annoying manufacturing pet peeves of a lot of gamers is paper money. Gameknight proposes a solution to paper money and cardboard currency with their second printing of Gemchips.

The colors are more vibrant than their last run and they have added two new denominations, bringing their total amount of different currency values to fifteen.

Poker chips will do the trick, as I have used numerous times, but they are missing one thing; the actual denominations printed on the chips themselves. Gemchips are not only ceramic, high quality poker chips but also will haven the denominations printed on the chips themselves. This will end the annoying “How much was this color worth?”  question asked by players repeatedly during the game.

Shipping outside the US varies between $20-$80, depending on your pledge level. Shipping within the US is included.

Space Frontier

Project By: John Mathison

In Space Frontiers, every player has their command ship which is a player’s home base, research center, and construction yard.  Each player will take turns exploring the ever changing modular board, trying to complete missions, research ancient alien artifacts, build fleets of fighter ships, and trade goods with guilds. Completing these different actions and others will net you influence across the galaxy. That is the ultimate goal of all the players; to become the most influential player in the new found galaxy.

 Shipping within US is included. Add $10 for shipping outside the US.

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P.S. Dog Might Games was amazingly awesome and sent me one of their customizable deck boxes!! Be on the lookout for my review of it this coming week and how you can get your own!!

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