Indie Talks Special – Old School Actual Play (OSAP) Palladium Fantasy RPG 1st edition: Episode 1


This here is a special, additional feature thrown into Indie Talks! Nearly four years ago, four of us got together to relive our childhood by playing Palladium Fantasy RPG (1st Edition). These are live, often NSFW recordings of those sessions. The regular twice monthly episodes will continue as normal, in addition to these OSAP posts.

We’re playing the Palladium Fantasy RPG (1st edition, thank you very much) and enjoying the hell out of it. No maps, no minis, no censors, almost no editing!

In this, our second session but first adventure, join the party as they defeat any number of enemies and are in turn defeated by a stupid river and an inept assassin (played by yours truly). Two hours and twenty four minutes of actual play goodness. If the 80?s music bothers you, it get’s turned down within this episode.

In this episode:

Scott – GM, nominally in charge.

Jenn – Echo, a 1st level Human Warlock.

Dan – Mukklukk, a 1st level Kobold Mind Mage.

Ben – Hamash Snozzle, a 1st level Elvish Wizard & Heretofor Unknamed, a 1st level Elvish Assassin.

This episode has been rated Not Safe For Work due to adult language, and in general acting a bit like 15 year old dinks.

Points of interest:

  • The party is given a mission to deliver several magically defended boxes.
  • They realize that they won’t be able to steal them, so continue on with their mission.
  • On arriving to their delivery destination, they find the town laid to waste and acquire a 10 year old girl.
  • But – they pick up a trail.  The trail of a large army.  The waste laying army that. . . laid the town?
  • On coming to a large river, the party loses most of the day and most of the assassin trying to cross.
  • In the last encounter of the session, the party is viciously attacked by spell casting fairy pigs… or were they?

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