Free games, free love, freaky Friday!


It’s Friday right. You’re sitting at work, staring at your screen. Way to early in the morning to actually be productive. Friday, right?

To your side is the trusty office printer. It does color. Double sided. Probably even transparencies – but you wouldn’t know that because you never show it any love.

Today, that changes. 

Today you’re going to play a game, at lunch, with your co-workers. That game will be free, and you’ll also learn to love your office printer again. Your day will be made better, your printer will know the joy of fulfilling it’s role in the world, and you my friend, will be happy. 

If I could bottle this and sell it at the grocery store, I would. I would be a millionaire. But I can’t shove love and joy into a bottle. Instead, I make all of my card games available as Print and Play and you can download them for free. 

Join me, and hundreds of office printers around the world as we connect hand to transfer roller to hand again, and put the joy back into your Friday lunch hour!

Download and print these games today!


ninja1 fools1 vi1 wbg1

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