Kick The Box May 26th 2014 Edition

Kick The Box

May 26th Edition

I hope everyone that observes Memorial Day had an amazing gaming three day weekend. I know I did! I hope everyone else had a phenomenal weekend and Monday. This week I have some Trobils causing trouble, hand made dice bags, superheroes, and movies! Here’s the latest news and than on with the show!

Kickstarter News: Another successful campaign has ended for Saar Shai with his The Agents Return campaign, raising a little over $160,000. MAGE Company’s  12 Realms: Ancestor’s Legacy is still going strong with seven stretch goals already unlocked! Andrew Harman’s Frankenstein’s Bodies is over halfway being funded! You can find my interview with Andrew Harman from this last week  here.

Asking For Trobils

Project By: Christian Strain

Image does not represent the final product as stretch goals may increase production value of the game.

The quiet system of O-renj resides in a quiet corner of the galaxy. The good natured beings that inhabit this system are friendly, peaceful, and content. That is, until the Trobils showed up. Than the trouble started. These, nasty, destructive varmins are disrupting the normal quaint lives of this otherwise peaceful universe.

Asking For Trobils is a 2-5 player worker placement game with a twist. Players will be placing their ship(s) on various resource collecting spots on the board, gaining the necessary resources to build various traps to capture the nasty Trobils and than fling them towards the sun. The twist is that it will take  an action to place and remove the ship from the different areas. But, if someone needs the same resource that another player’s ship is occupying, than they can bump that ship off that spot and back into their hand. It becomes a win/win situation for both. The player with the newly obtained spot  gets the resources they need, and the other player doesn’t’ have to waste an action gathering their ship.

Shipping in the US is included. Add between $20-$45, depending on pledge level, for shipping outside the US.

Hollywood: Make Your Own Blockbuster

Project By: Hobby World LLC

Hollywood: Make Your Own Blockbuster is an award winning game that was released in Russia in 2o13 and is finally making it’s way to the States and beyond.

Your job as CEO of a multi million dollar movie company is to hire actors, actresses, and directors, plus buy movie plots and other support roles and use them to create blockbuster movies. The goal is to try to have the most money by the end of the game.

H:MYOBB is a card drafting game similar to 7 Wonders and Fairy Tails, but for the really good actors, actresses, directors, and plots, you’ll need to bid for them against your opponents.

Shipping within US included. Add $15 for shipping outside the US.

Capes & Villians

Project By: Henry Lam

If Sentinels of the Multiverse and Marvel Dice Masters was to ever bear a child, it would probably look like Capes & Villains. Bearing similarities to both games, it stands on it’s own as another alternative superhero universe with some interesting mechanics. In Capes & Villains, players will use a super hero specific card deck and dice to help with combat.  The game scales from 2-12 players and offers several different modes of play including Solo, Tag Team, Multiplayer, and Versus.

I do enjoy the artwork, even though it has a similar style to Sentinels, and also like the names of the characters they have created that pay homage to other well known super heroes. How can you not love superheroes with names such as Wonder Spy, Dead Arrow, and best of all, Dr. Cthulhu. There are these and many more you can choose to do battle with!

Shipping within US is included. Add $15 for shipping outside the US.

Knitted Knerd Dice Bags

Project By: Tabletop Crafts

Does your new Marvel Dice Masters collection of dice need a new home?  Or maybe you are just looking for a new dice bag for your random collection of dices. Either way, Chelle is willing to help you with your problems,(for a small price, of course)

These unique,  handmade, crocheted dice bags are absolutely gorgeous. You can choose from a list of basic items that include a potion vial, a bomb with feet and crank, (think a certain bad guy from a famous video game that stars a plumber), choice of fruit, or sushi. Or you can upgrade to the Deluxe Designs pictured above and nab yourself a Meeple or Cthulhu himself to hold your Arkham or Eldritch Horror Dice OR better yet, for your new monster bag. Whatever your need is, Chelle is there to help all the nerds in the world with their organizing needs.

Shipping is included for US backers. Backers in Mexico and Canada should include an additional $5 to cover shipping costs. BACKERS IN ALL OTHER COUNTRIES PLEASE CONTACT CHELLE BEFORE BACKING.

Thanks again to all who took the time to stop by my little corner of the internet. Feel free to hit the subscribe so you won’t miss my weekly edition of Kick The Box and other wonderful articles and podcasts you will find on Troll In The Corner. Until next week, Keep playin’ to be playin’.

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