The Boston Festival of Indie Games is coming! Come and play some amazing indie table top and video games, or submit your own!


Here’s a guest post from Glenn, concerning the Boston Festival of Indie Games. I’m planning on being there and I hope to see you too!

Hello game designer/developers!

My name is Glenn Given and I am the tabletop producer for the Boston Festival of Indie Games ( a combination digital and tabletop game festival at MIT. We showcase hundreds of indie games developed across the American and Canadian North East.

BFiG is a fan facing single day convention where designers show off their in progress or recently released games to the public. Last year we had more than 10,000 attendees. Basically we have TWO hockey rinks to fill with crazy indie game! And one could be yours!

Download submission guidelines

The structure of the festival
Curation of the festival is pretty straight forward. You register and submit the rules and some images of your game of your game to us. We read said rules and determine if you have designed a functionally complete game. Once determined as such we will send a request for a prototype. The prototype will be tested by the curation teams (composed of published game designers, industry veterans and game academics). The teams will then provide you with written feedback of their playtesting and will submit recommendation on whether your game will be invited to present at the festival. If it is selected you are expected to join us Sept. 13th at MIT for an awesome day of showing the city of Boston your awesome game!

What do I get
Well, even if you are NOT invited to present at BFiG all prototypes requested will receive thorough playtesting by experienced designers, academics and industry veterans. You will be provided with professional feedback of your game and actionable advice for developing the game.

If you are invited to present at BFiG you can expect a large crowd of people to experience your game first hand. These same people will nominate games to win one of three tabletop awards given at the end of the show.

2013 Winner prizes included:
• a one on one pitch meeting with Jason Schneider, Director of Product Development at Gamewright
• $1000 courtesy of AdMagic
• $500 in games from Pandemonium Books & Games
• $150 in components from The Game Crafter
• and more!
• High fives!

Fine! We will! 
Just submit your game already!

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