Whine Be Gone – a new card game that helps children stop whining, and parents preserve their precious sanity

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Whine Be Gone is here!

Here’s a quick, meta-game (that is, a game that isn’t strictly played at the table, over a set period of time) that I constructed mostly for my own, personal sanity. I have kids, two daughters aged 11 and 8. They’re great kids and I love them more than anything else in the world. But they whine. Not constantly, not all the time, but far more than I or anyone else would like them too. So I dug back into my MEd. past, and read up on a bunch of articles about child development and behavior. This is what I came up with.

30 cards (plus three rules cards) that will turn not whining into a positive experience for children. It also takes whining, an effort to get what they want (an object, a condition or attention) and gives parents a fairly non-confrontational way to acknowledge the behavior, and then ignore it while still letting kids know it’s not okay.

You can buy it at DriveThruCards for $5 (plus shipping) or at The Game Crafter for $7.99 where it comes with a nice tuck box to store your cards in. You can also go to either site and download the Print and Play version for free.


A meta-game designed to help your kids overcome whiney behavior.

Why do children whine? Essentially it’s a strategy designed to call attention to themselves so they can obtain something they want. It could be something as simple as a snack or as far out as a trip to Disney World.

Kids continue to do it, because it works. Even if parents and care givers do not give in to the whining, they often find themselves acknowledging the child’s behavior by pleading for a stop, or initiating some kind of punishment.

Whine Be Gone gives you a one stop, easy to use method for reducing your child’s need to whine, introduces a positive reinforcement system, and shows your child exactly how much they engage in whining behavior.

Whine Be Gone is appropriate for children aged 4 plus. As a bonus, you can also use this at work, with your extended family and on long car trips with other adults.

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