Kick The Box May 12th 2014 Edition

Kick The Box

May 12th Edition

This week, while skipping down Kickstarter Lane, I’ve ran across an upgrade to a classic card game, an older game receiving a facelift and being reprinted, and a couple of  new games that have kicked it into high gear to finish near the top of  my wish list. See you bottom side after the break!

Kickstarter News: Evolve: The Game of Unnatural Selection has finished it’s campaign fully funded! Good Cop, Bad Cop is fully funded with six days left in their campaign. Design Your Own Deck Box campaign is almost fully funded with over two weeks left in their campaign!

 Finally An Electronic Cribbage Board!

Project By: Dan Martyna

Top View of Prototype

This isn’t the first Cribbage Board that I have featured on Kick The Box, but it is, by far, the most innovative one that I have found anywhere in the world.

I know this new Electronic Cribbage Board isn’t going to be for everyone, and purists of all ages are going to cry foul, but this is a perfect solution for several problems that can impede the gameplay; lost pegs and having to search for small items such as toothpicks or matches to substitute for pegs and lacking the necessary motor skills needed to move the pegs, are all problems that have now been fixed with this new 21st century, Electronic Cribbage Board. 

Their video on the Kickstarter campaign shows how easy the Electronic Cribbage Board is to use for the older generation, as well as the the youngest generation of Cribbage players.

Shipping within Canada included. International shipping ranges from $9-$15 depending on your pledge level.


Project By: Karl Fenner

In the game of Snitch, Every player assumes the role of a detective trying to gather enough intel for the DA to put away the Kingpin. The game ends and a victor is declared as soon as a player reaches 60 status points. Seems easy enough right?

Wrong. You will be playing the game trying to balance the delicate line of building trust with the snitches, trying to gather damning evidence, and the trust of the DA that you are acquiring this new evidence by only using legal, by the book methods. Your competing with the other detectives to gather and turn in to the DA, as much incriminating evidence you can, before any of the other detectives can take credit for it.

The status points are not only needed for you to win the game, but they can also be used as currency to help you get advantages during the game, helping you out in the long run. Combine this with a modular game board and you will have a fresh and new game every time you play.

Different pledge levels for different shipping needs.

I Say, Holmes Card Solving Case

Project By: Victory Point Games

Become a consultant to Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in the latest reprint of I Say, Holmes. This reprinted version will feature new art on 125 cards and new custom cut counters.

During the game, players are trying to figure out who are holding Villain cards, so they can make try to make a successful arrest and win the game. If a player is holding a villain, then they are trying to escape these arrests and finish the game with the only cards in their hand being either  interrupt cards and/or  other Villain cards.

The stretch goal to include a new expansion has already been surpassed and the optional artwork stretch goal is within an arms reach.

Shipping within US and Canada are included. Add $28 for all other International shipping.

Maha Yodha: A Card Game From the World of Hindu Mythology

Project By: Leprechaun Games USA Inc.

With the help of Saar Shai, the creator of the smash hit card game The Agents, Leprechaun Games has unleashed upon Kickstarter, a game that is already almost fully funded and could see the same amount of success as The Agents.

Set in the ancient and mythic world of Hindu mythology, Maha Yohda is a 2 player strategy card game that plays in 20-30 minutes. Each player will control an unique faction; either Asuras or Adityas. You will take turns playing different warriors, weapons, and scrolls, with the objective of draining your opponent’s life from their full twenty hit points down to zero.

The game contains gorgeous, new commissioned artwork as well as exquisite, traditional Indian artwork.

Shipping within the US is included. Add $9 for shipping outside the US.

Thanks again for coming back if you are a return reader, and if you are a new reader thank you for taking the time to check out an installment of Kick The Box . If you don’t want to miss another edition of Kick The Box and other fascinating Troll In The Corner articles and columns, click the subscribe button towards the bottom of the page. As always, feel free to leave any messages, comments, and suggestions and I will return next week with some more goodies from Kickstarter to share with you. Until then, Keep Playin’ To Be Playin’!

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