Kick The Box May 5th 2014 Edition

Kick The Box

May 5th Edition

I apologize for the delay in this week’s edition of Kick The Box. After an ugly 15 hour work day on Monday, and having to be back up early this morning to go back to work, I didn’t have the proper energy or time to invest into finishing up this week’s article last night. But! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed by this week’s picks. Check out the news and continue onward to see who has been added to the Kick The Box family!

Kickstarter News: Pixel Glory is over halfway to it’s full pledge level. The Agents Return has raised over $90,000 in funds already during it’s second Kickstarter campaign. Concept Cards has raised over 400% of their asking funds.

Build Your Own Custom Deck Box!

Project By: Dog Might Games

I’m always looking for something different that not very many people have or is not the norm. If your into deck building card games and you are like me, than Dog Might Games has some amazing looking customizable Deck Boxes.

If you check out there Kickstarter campaign page, you will see a link that will direct you to their professional looking website that will allow you to fully customize your own Deck Box. Choose from an assortment of different types of wood, nails, hinges, corners, and other bling items to give your own Deck Box a personal look and feel or choose from a pre built Classic Deck Box look.

Each Deck Box will hold upto 125 unsleeved cards, 100 sleeved cards, or 75 double sleeved cards.

Add $15 or $50, depending on your pledge level to ship outside the US. Shipping within US is included.

AVGhost Paranormal Investigation Board Game

Project By:  Mystical Games

AVGhost looks like it might have been inspired by those annoying ‘reality’ paranormal investigation tv shows, but I won’t hold that against it.

In fact, if that is the case, maybe those shows might actually prove to be good for something!

Armed only with your flashlights, you and your partners must move around the hordes of ghosts, collecting different types of evidence for the case you guys are tying to solve. Once you find one of the many different types of evidence, you use your smartphone with a QR reader and listen to a recording of the EVP(Electronic Voice Phenomenon) or the video that you find. Not only are you looking for evidence to crack the case, but you are also looking for batteries for you and your teammates. If all of your flashlights have run out of battery juice at the same time, than you lose the game!

Depending on your pledge level, add $10-$60 for shipping outside of the US. Shipping within the US is included.

March of the Ants

Project By: Tim Eisner

Mid-way through a four player game (prototype components).

It is exciting to see so many tabletop game and game accessories coming out of the Portland, Oregon area and being funded, produced and delivered.

Not all, but a few of the games and game accessories that have been featured on past editions of Kick The Box from this area are Dice Empire, Lagoon: Land of the Druids, Out of the Blue, and now, March of the Ants.

In March of the Ants, you control a colony of ants fighting for dominance and supremacy in your area of the wilderness. You will have to forge for food, grow, and evolve your colony faster and more efficiently than your opponents to become the victor. Will your colony tread the path of aggression? Evolving and taking over resources and land for your own needs? Or will your colony walk the path of peace and symbiotic prosperity? Working together to reap the benefits of others. The choices are yours as you watch your strategy evolve through the course of the game. There is not one set path to victory.

Different pledge levels for different shipping criteria.

Black Forest

Project By: Jack Reda

Art for the Role cards

What do you get when you mix the mechanics of worker placement games such as Lords of Waterdeep and Agricola with a “7 Wonders” card drafting mechanic and a hidden traitor game mechanic like Shadows Over Camelot? Well, Jack Reda’s exciting new game Black Forest.

Black Forest is a cooperative, with a hidden traitor mechanic, 3-5 player board game. During the game, the villagers will be trying to figure out which player is controlling the werewolves and eliminate all of his/her villager tokens from the courthouse or upgrade all 12 village tiles in order to win. The werewolves win, if the village becomes unsustainable prior to the Harvest.

Different pledge levels for different shipping needs.

Thanks again to all my readers, new and returning. Come back next week to see who makes the cut. Until than, feel free to message me, leave a comment, or subscribe so you won’t miss another Kick The Box and other great articles on

Keep playin’ to be playin’



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