Kick The Box April 28th 2014 Edition

Kick The Box

April 28th Edition

While digging through this week’s Kickstarter delights, I’ve ran into a couple of long lost ‘friends’ that have returned to Kickstarter, and a couple of new found ‘friends’ that I’m happy to bring into the Kick The Box family.

Kickstarter News: Bullfrogs is funded with three days still left in their campaign! Eggs & Empires is also completely funded with two weeks left in their campaign! Congratulations to both creators! It is still not too late to jump on MAGE Company’s wildly successful Among The Stars Campaign!

The Agents Return!

Project By: Saar Shai

The Agents have been let loose upon the world again! In case you missed the first Kickstarter by Sarr Shai featuring The Agents in all of it’s glory, you have a chance to catch them again. Even if you did receive the game, there are three new expansions that you could pick up to go with your base set. You could also grab some of the other goodie add ons such as art prints, bundles of the new and old expansions for yourself, and additional copies of the base game for your friends or family.

For those not familiar with the game, The double edged cards add a brilliant mechanic, making every play a choice of  give and take. One end will represent possible points you could be giving to an opponent, and a special ability that may help you, or when flipped around, your opponent will be able to use the special ability and you would be able to receive the points.

It handles 2-5 players very well and is a lot of fun to play.

Shipping costs are included within the US. Add $8 to your pledge level for shipping outside the US.

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Project By: Overworld Games

Integrity cards determine each player's role. Small numbers on each card make setup quick and easy for different numbers of players.Good Cop, Bad Cop is a hidden identity, bluffing, deduction game for 4-8 players. I’m sure, just like most hidden identity games, the more the merrier players. The object of the game is to eliminate the leader of your opposite team, whether that be the good cops or the bad cops.

Everyone is dealt three Integrity cards that will either be a crooked cop, an honest cop, a Kingpin (leader of the crooked cops), or an agent (leader of the good cops). Each player secretly looks at the three cards and majority rules determines whether your a good cop or crooked cop. If two out of the three cards are crooked cards, than you are on the team of the crooked cops and vice versa if the majority of your three cards are honest cops. If you end up with the Kingpin or Agent card, than they trump the majority rules rule.

Now for the rest of the game, you get one action every turn. During that turn you are trying to determine the leaders and who is actually on your team and who isn’t. Once you think you know, via deduction and using equipment cards, you can arm yourself with one of the guns from the center of the table and shoot a player of your choice in hopes he is not on your team and is the leader of the opposite team. The game plays quick and would be a good party game for a larger number of people.

Shipping within the US is included. Add between $10-$19, depending on your pledge level, for shipping outside the US.

Concept Cards – Plot Hooks

Project By: Stephen Coffey

Click here to view the secret

Stephen and his crew of writers have released a new set of Concept Cards. After their runaway success with the Location Concept Cards, they have decided to release upon the world a new set of Concept Cards call Plot Hooks.

The card layout is exactly the same as the first two sets of Concept Cards. Each suit has a specific attribute(as pictured above) to help you create a plot for any story that  you need to create.

Stephen has also been great to deal with during and post their previous Kickstarter campaigns. The cards look and feel top notch and of a high quality material, (at least the Location Cards are, which I’m assuming the Plot Hook cards are going to be made with the same high quality card stock.)

Shipping costs are handled via different pledge levels for different shipping needs.

Rise To Power

Project By: Allen Chang

In a futuristic world, a new power source called Prism has been discovered. This new revelation  spurs  an energy demand that the power plants are trying to fulfill. The more prism that a corporation can extract, the more districts they can power, thus the more influence they gain. And of course, he/she who has the most influence at the end of the game, wins.

Rise To Power supports 2-4 players. The length of the play time clocks in around an hour.

At the heart of the game, is a city building game. You have the ability to pick up government contracts, fulfill them by powering them with Prism that you have extracted and reap the on going benefits, or give up  the contract for a one time powerful effect and put the contract back onto the Exchange for someone else to take.

Also, be sure to scroll down towards the bottom of the campaign page. There is a link to an interesting and entertaining short story that offers you a glimpse into this new world.

Shipping within Australia is included. Add $8 AUD for shipping needs outside of Australia.

There you have it for this week’s picks. Feel free to leave any comments, suggestions, remarks, hate mail, and anything else below.

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