Kick The Box April 21st 2014 Edition

Kick The Box

April 21st Edition

This week’s trek down Kickstarter Lane finds us drooling over Mechas, fighting amphibious creatures, playing scientist as we develop our own crazy animals vowing for dominance through the ages, and collecting rare and valuable Dragon Eggs.

Kickstarter News: Pixel Glory has been rebooted!! Wish them luck and hope they have a successful campaign this time around. Cops & Robbers  Kickstarter campaign is also rebooted! You can find my preview to this fun card game here.

Mecha Front Miniatures

Project By: Jon Paulson


John Paulson has what many Mecha fans are scurrying for; 15mm Mecha Miniatures.  Mecha Front, created by John Paulson, is a tabletop skirmish miniatures  game.  The models range in size from 65mm to 110 mm in height.

Not only are the miniatures compatible with John’s world, but they can also be used for other 15mm miniatures universes such as Grunts and Tomorrow’s War.

I have to admit I’m not a huge miniatures fan, but I am a Mecha Anime fan. And if  the real miniatures  look even half as good as they do in the pictures, I’m tempted to pick these up just to paint them and have them on my shelf.

Shipping outside the US ranges from$5-$35 depending on the pledge level. Shipping within US is included.


Project By: Keith Matjeka

Box Size: 8in x 5in x 1.4in (204mm x 127mm x 35mm)

Jeremiah was a Bullfrog! Bum-bum-bum. He was a good friend of mine! Bum-bum-bum.

Alright I’ll save you from my singing, but in return you have to listen to me tell you about the game Bullfrogs, designed by Keith Matjecka.

Bullfrogs is a 2-4 player area control card game of amphibian proportions. Your turn consists of playing a lilypad card that will have an icon that determines how many actions you get that turn, a number depicting how many victory points it’s worth, and a number of holder spots showing how many frogs and/or bullfrogs can occupy that lilypad before it is scored.

After you play your lily pad card, there are two types of  actions that you can take; Deploy and Sabotage. When you use your deploy ability, you may place a frog or bullfrog from your reserve, on any lilypad that is in the same row or column of the lilypad you just played. You can not deploy more than two frogs or bullfrogs on one lilypad in one turn.

When you use your Sabotage ability, you are able to move an opponent’s frog that is on any lily pad in the same row or column as the lilypad you placed is in, to an adjacent lilypad card.

After a lilypad is full of frogs, you tally up the value of the amphibious creatures on the pad (frogs are worth 1 point, bullfrogs are worth 2 points) and who has the most wins that lilypad and adds it to their victory pile. This lasts til all the cards are played and whoever has the most victory points at the end of the game, wins!

Different pledge levels for for different shipping needs,.

Evolve: The Game of Unnatural Selection

Project By: Andrew Rader

Over 100 cards to choose from.

Even though I, as a general rule of thumb, don’t normally post about games that don’t have an actual gameplay video, the creators did a good enough  job with their presentation in the opening video that I decided to make an exception to my rule for Evolve! (Still would like to see a gameplay video though)

In Evolve, your goal is to become the dominant species by the end of the game. There are four attributes, aggression, resilience,allure and gathering, that will determine how successful your species will in the undertaking of the different biomes and challenges.

I think this game has enough depth and strategy to keep the wheels of a seasoned veteran gamer spinning and plotting, but will also be fun and educational for children.

Add $4-$6, depending on pledge level for shipping outside the US. Shipping within US is included.

Eggs & Empires

Project By: Matthew D. Riddle

Eggs & Empires is a 2-6 player trick taking game. Everyone has a small deck of 10 heroes, numbered 1-10. Each9 out of the 10 heroes in a deck has a special ability(The warrior is 10. His special ability is that he trumps all), but all the players decks use the same 10 heroes. The goal of the game is to collect eggs with the positive point totals, and avoid collecting the eggs with the negative point totals. After 9 rounds, the player with the most points wins the game.

The gameplay is simple. You place two egg cards face up from the draw pile in the middle of the table. Each player draws three cards from their deck and chooses one to play. After every one has decided on their card, you all reveal them at the same time. Generally, whoever has the highest card number gets the first choice of the eggs in the center of the table, the second highest gets the other egg. I say generally because of the special abilities I mentioned before.

Let’s say two 9’s are played which are the Dark Princesses, a 3 is played, which is the Shepherd, and an 8 is played, which is the Blacksmith. Now you would think the Dark Princesses would collect the eggs, but since their special ability is if more than one is played in a turn, then they cancel each other out, leaving no eggs for the Dark Ones. Now, that leaves the Blacksmith(8) and the Shepherd(3). The Shepherd ability is that he always beats the Blacksmith and collects the eggs before them. So, even though the Blacksmith is an 8, since the Shepherd was played he gets to choose which egg he wants first and the Blacksmith is stuck with whatever egg is left over. In this example the lowest card is actually the victor.

A quick and fun game that will play differently each time.

Different pledge levels are available for different shipping needs.

 Hope everyone had a great week of gaming last week, and I hope this week proves to be even better. Thanks for checking out my little corner of the Internetty Woods and feel free to leave any comment and/or suggestions, and don’t forget to click subscribe to be the first to have this and many other great articles found on  delivered straight to your Inbox. Til next week, Keep playin’ to be playin’.

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