Losing at Board Games is now 3 Cats & a Baby

It has been awhile since I’ve written a column.  I took a hiatus and watched my son enter the world.  I celebrated, as one does.  I redefined what a good night sleep looks like, as one does.


As I sat down to write a Losing at Board Games column, my three cats gathered around me as if my laptop was an instrument of the pied piper.

My son is asleep 5 feet from me.


I realized it is time for a change.  With that change will come a new column title:  3 Cats & a Baby.

Why the change?  Because I want to raise a geek.  My approach to board games looks a bit different now.  I don’t have quite as much time, and what time I do have might be interrupted after 30 minutes.  But I can’t stop.


3 Cats & a Baby will be a different sort of column.  I’ll write quickly.  I’ll be sleep deprived.  I’ll take photos as I can.  But here’s what you can expect:

  • quick reviews of board games and game expansions.
  • perhaps a session report or two.
  • evaluation of how a game works with three cats (and a baby) around.
  • there will be a rating.
  • I’ll rate on a scale of 1-3 cats. (possibly plus a baby)  This will be scientifically precise.  I’m joking.  It will be an arbitrary rating, based on how much we’re enjoying the game at our house, and with our gaming group.


I’ll start off each column with a description of the beverage I’m enjoying. Right now, it is my second cup of coffee of the evening.  The brand is 8 o’clock – because I ran out of Kicking Horse and my next shipment doesn’t arrive for a few days.

How long will the columns be?  Its hard to say.  I tend to meander a good bit on the best days.  And these are the best days.  Safe to say that there will be some meandering.

Remember how I said I can’t stop?  Well Can’t Stop wasthe first game that we were able to play with the Political Mastermind’s parents after EGG was born.


Haven’t played it?  It is a classic by Sid Sackson.  There is dice rolling, pushing of one’s luck, and the movement of cones on a giant stop sign.

You know what kind of game you should try to play with me?  A push-your-luck game.  Because I don’t know when to quit.  I will keep rolling.  And keep rolling.  And keep rolling.  Until I lose.

My rating for this classic game?  3 cats.  Not quite the full rating of 3 cats & a baby, but close.

It is a great game to teach number pairing, and is a good game to play when tired. Like many push-your-luck games, this makes a good gateway game.  It is playable with 2-4 people, but Board Game Geek sells enough cones for 2 more players.

6 players would make for a challenging board, and there would be decent lag between turns with that many players.  However, if you’ve been hosting a dinner party, and everyone is full and enjoying some beverages while gathered around the gaming table it might be the time to give 6 players a try.

Speaking of beverages, I’m off to make more coffee.  Because it is April 14 at 9 pm, and it is snowing in Chicago.

One thought on “Losing at Board Games is now 3 Cats & a Baby

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  1. Fun game. I play it on Board Game Arena every once in awhile. I haven’t actually played the physical version.

    Good to see you back, Jon. Congrats on the baby.


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