Kick The Box April 7th Edition 2014

Kick The Box

April 7th Edition

I don’t know about all of you, but I am wiped out from Saturday’s Gaming Events! I hope all of you had a great International Tabletop Day and rest of the weekend. I have the Board Game Community notifications set on my phone, and it had been blowing up all day Saturday and Sunday. It was great to see all the pictures and posts about everyone’s gaming days. Now on with the show! This week’s edition of Kick The Box has several great games and game accessories currently being funded. Check out this week’s picks after the newsbreak.

Kickstarter News: Tuscany‘s campaign ends on April 9th, and has already collected over $360,000 in pledges! Pirate’s Den is fully funded with a couple days left in their campaign! Rahdo Runs Through has a little over a week left in his campaign and is also successfully funded! Be sure to check these out before it’s too late! For all you 12 Realms fans, MAGE Company has announced a Kickstarter for the first expansion for the game, set to go live in May. Be on the lookout for that!

Troll Hunt

Project By: Roll D6 Games

The Trolls are starting to wreak havoc upon your village. You and a handful of Troll Hunters head into the forest with your trusty magical lamps and mirrors. The Trolls are dangerous, but they have one weakness, a blinding ray of light into their eyes will petrify them.

Troll Hunt features a modular board for a different landscape and gaming experience every time.  Players will take turns placing their lanterns along the edge of the board, and than placing their mirrors and moving them on the board, trying to get the angle of the mirrors to reflect the magical lamps beam of light into a Trolls eyes. The player with the most petrified trolls wins the game!

Shipping worldwide is listed on the pledge level.

CLASH! Dawn of Steam

Project By: Mad Ape Games

In this asymmetric 2 or 4 player card game, one player dawns the role of the Champion of Light, trying to protect the ten sacred locations, while the other player accepts their role, Herald of Fear, and are trying to burn these locations to the ground.

A new found era has arrived upon the world of Asyria, ushered forward from the findings of a new magical energy. You are one of the pioneers of this new found magical wonder. Do you use it for good and help protect the good folks that can’t protect themselves, winning their love and support, or do you choose to strong arm your way to the elitist status, burning and destroying everyone and everything that tries to oppose you?

The game is rich with character and backstory and sets itself up nicely for many unique expansions to retain your interest in the land of Asyria.

Shipping within the US is included. Add $15-$20 to your pledge for shipping outside the US.

Creative Clash

Project By: The Infantree

Creative Clash is a 2-4 player game where you and your companions take the roles of a Principal, a head of your Creative Agency. Each Principal has an unique ability that could benefit you throughout the game. Hire employees, enhance their skills, and buy ‘stuff’ to help inflate your ego, which is the ultimate goal of the game.

There are also event cards that you can acquire, which adds a ‘take that’ aspect to the game, creating player interaction. Will your employee have a bike accident, putting him/her out of the game? Or maybe another agency steals your beloved employee for their own.

There are also Project cards. Project cards are the projects that your company is currently working on or has finished. You play these when you meet the requirements needed to help boost your cash flow and ego. Generally, the requirement of these are different type of employees and skills. The bigger the project, the better the rewards and payout.

Will you lead your agency to success, inflating your ego over the top? Or will your agency crash and burn, leaving you penniless and deflated?

Shipping to Canada and US is included in the pledge. For shipping to EU, customs and shipping is also included in the pledge. There is a pledge level for all other countries to cover the shipping costs.

Tabletop Season 3

Project By: Geek & Sundry


For almost a year now, my focus of this weekly article has been on Kickstarter funded tabletop games and game accessories. This was for two simple reasons. One, my wallet can’t afford one crowd funding source, let alone two or three, and I don’t really have the time to explore all the crowdfunding platforms every week, looking for things that I find intriguing. So, I decided to stick to the juggernaut of crowdfunding websites, Kickstarter. Of course, there is always an exception to this ‘rule’. Mostly, because I didn’t have to search for this game accessory. It found me.

I’m sure most of  you have already heard about the news already, but for the couple of readers that might have been stuck under a rock for the last couple of days, or are still recovering from International Tabletop Day, and missed it, Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day have announced a Season 3 of Tabletop on Felicia Day’s Youtube channel Geek & Sundry. And, they would like to make it better than it ever has been, by breaking away from Google’s money and asking their viewers and fans for support, via the crowdfunding website

I am a  big fan of the show and would love to see this campaign a runaway success for them. Since they are three days into the campaign, and have already reached 60% of their funding, I think this will be more possible than Wil Wheaton winning a game on his own show.

Add $10 to your pledge level for International Shipping for any physical perks and swag from your donation. Any shipping within US is included.

A lot of great things happening in the World of Tabletop Gaming. Feel free to subscribe for your weekly dosing of Kickstarter news and picks. Until next week, Keep playin’ to be playin’.

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