Kick The Box March 31st 2014 Edition

Kick The Box

March 31st Edition

Finally! It is baseball season! What does this have to do with board games? Absolutely nothing! I’m just excited to be able to start catching some baseball games on the boob tube in between tabletop time. But, for those who don’t share my same sentiment, no worries, Kick The Box will now return to its regularly scheduled broadcast. On to the News!

Kickstarter News: Tuscany has broke the $300,000 mark in pledges with 9 days still left in their campaign. Manifest is fully funded! If you want to jump on to this wonderful pick up and deliver game, you better hurry, cause their is only a couple days left in their campaign. Epic Resort is fully funded with two stretch goals kicked out of the way. You have a little less than a week to jump onto their bandwagon.

Allegiance: A Realm Divided

Project By: Underground Games

The Necromancer steps from the shadows of the forest, calmly clutching his jeweled staff in his left had, and raising his bony right hand, palm up in to the air. The ground trembles before him and several fresh corpses  arise from the ground. The Monk strikes the Drunken Master fighting stance as his disciples quietly drop from the trees. The disciples rush forward as the fresh zombies stumble forward along the rocky grass.

No, this is not a scene from the ‘latest and greatest’ fad stricken zombie themed flick that I am talking about, but a new 2-4 player card game developed by Underground Games. In Allegiance: Realm Divided you take upon the persona of one of the hero or villain classes within the land of Anstrus. This very land that has been at war within itself for generations is finally coming to an end. Among the ashes and corpses, arise new heroes, with their army of minions, ready to end this war once and for all.

Free shipping within US and Western Europe. Consult the shipping section of their Kickstarter page for all other shipping add ons.

Board Games: Now Blind Accessible

Project By: 64. Oz. Games

Transparent sleeves will allow blind players to use braille to play with sighted friends

There are very few options for blind people to play card games with their sighted friends. 64 Oz. Games want to  help our visually impaired playmates by producing sleeves with braille imprinting on them for specific games.

Their campaign has been a remarkable success in the short time that it has been live. They are fully funded and closing in on their first stretch goal(at the time of writing). Their first stretch goal is a choice of two small or large games, chosen by the backers to receive the visually impaired braille treatment. They have a lot of great ideas, that will change how games can be played, including braille dice, game mat overlays, and other ideas that they are tossing around and would like to see become a realization.

Add between $10 and $30 depending on your pledge level for shipping outside the US. Shipping within the US is included.

Forces Of Evil

Project By: Patrick Runyan

The color of crimson blood stains the sky. A chilled wind blows across the land. A strike of lightning pierces the clouds of doom, and a thunderous clap  rolls across the land. An evil has arisen. Several overlords have awoke from the slumber and are ready to drive the land into Armageddon.

In Forces of Evil, it is your job as the heroes . . .oh wait, no . . . it is your job as one of the newly awoken OVERLORDS to build your dungeon, recruit minions (and keep them happy, no one likes unhappy minions), hoard treasure, in attempt to throw the world into utter chaos, and to become the ruler with the most treasure and influence.

Of course, the world has an answer to your awakenings. The Forces of Good will send their bravest adventurers to your dungeon with the soul purpose of ending your life before you can theirs. Build your dungeon and recruit your minions and slay the heroes, before they slay you.

Add $40 for shipping outside the US, except for Canadians, who will be adding $20 to their pledge level. Shipping within US is included.

Combat Description Cards For Storytellers And GM’s

Project By: Conflict Roleplaying

Have you ever, in the middle of storytelling, whether as a GM, or off the cuff, while playing a board/card game, been in the middle of describing an action of conflict and stumbled in the description, or just had your mind draw a blank as you start describing your epic encounter scene? I think we all have at one time or another. For those times that your mind fails you, Conflict Roleplaying would like to be there to help you, via their new Combat Description Cards Kickstarter Campaign.

The cards are divided by three types of weapons, Blunt, Piercing, and Slashing. These are broken down even farther, by three different styles of actions, Finesse, Power, and Ranged. Pick the card that fits the type of weapon you need to use for the story. On that card, in bold letters, will be three descriptive words, based on the style of action, a  finesse type of strike, a power type of strike, or a ranged type of strike. You will have a word that will help enhance your combat storytelling. It’s that easy!

The cards are general enough that it will be easy to fill in your story with your own details, but imaginative and flavorful enough to add to the story itself.

Shipping within US is included. Add between $12 – $89, depending on your pledge level, for shipping outside the US.

Phew! A lot of great stuff happening on Kickstarter this week. Did I miss something? Is there something out there in the totally “OMG! I can’t believe you didn’t cover this!” category for you? Leave any recommendations, hate mail, and/or comments and suggestions either at the bottom of this page or in the comments of any of  the link sources. Until next week, Keep playin’ to be playin’.

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