Kick The Box March 24th 2014 Edition

Kick The Box

March 24th Edition

Phew! Busy week and weekend. So nice to see that bright, yellow fireball in the sky again, (albeit for only a day or two, unfortunately, IF the weatherman/woman is correct.)

I have to say this week has been one of the more exciting weeks on Kickstarter this year. There were so many exciting tabletop games and game accessories launched in the last week that is was actually more difficult for my picks this week as the most interesting game/game accessory for the week.

Also, in the news, if you happen to live in the Vancouver, WA area, my first Tabletop Meetup will be March 30th. This will be a bi weekly event and you can find the who, what, where, when right here. I, as well as other people, will be bringing a good chunk of their collections for people to learn and play. Whether your an avid gamer or new to the hobby and live or happen to be in the area, I hope to see you there.

Kickstarter News: Epic Resort is fully funded and closing in on it’s first stretch goal with two weeks left in it’s campaign(at the time of this writing). War of Kings ended it’s campaign with over $43,000 pledged towards their campaign. Fireteam Zero has a week left in their campaign and is over three times their initial pledge level of $50,000.

 Tuscany: Expand The World Of Viticulture

Project By: Jamey Stegmaier

Photos include prototype components. The final Farmer meeple (pictured with a staff) will not have a staff.

I’ve heard a lot of great things about Viticulture, and have been wanting to play it for quite awhile now. Looks like I will finally get my chance with the Kickstarter campaign Tuscany. For those who are not familiar with Viticulture, the game will host 2-6 players, and is about running your own wine business. Harvesting grapes, upgrading and building structures, and making and selling wine are just a few of the actions and decisions you have to make in order to be successful in the game.

From the creators of the smashingly successful game Euphoria comes Tuscany. This 10 expansion pack for Viticulture promises to bring even more excitement to the game. The idea behind releasing a slew of expansions for the game all at once is that after each game, the winner gets to choose what expansion he/she wants to use for the next game, changing the game every time you play it.

Tuscany is not a stand alone game. You do need Viticulture in order to use the expansions, but the good news is, if you don’t already own Viticulture, there are several pledge levels that will net you Viticulture as well as the Tuscany for a discounted price.

The shipping costs are listed on a chart halfway down their Kickstarter page.

Barbarossa Anime Card Game

Project By: Kamikaze Games

Barbarossa is another deck building game being translated and ported from Japan. Unlike the other popular deck building game from Japan, Trains, Barbarossa is set in a fictional historical World War II. You lead an all women, German Army Division with anime inspired artwork, invading a fictitious Russia.

There are several distinct differences that set Barbarossa apart from other deck building games. The most noticeable difference is the gorgeous artwork decorating the cards. There are also some minor game mechanic tweaks that help shape the game. After you draw your hand of cards, you are able to play them as per most deck builders, but instead of having to use all of them and discarding the ones you don’t use, you actually get to keep one card and hold it over til your next turn. Also, a majority of your cards will be placed on your Front Line, in front of you, until an effect removes them. With all of this and an unique combat system of conquering cities to score victory points, Barbarossa looks to be a big hit worldwide.

Shipping within US is included. Add $20 for shipping outside the US.


Project By: Amanda Milne

The gorgeous artwork is by Franz Vohwinkel

It is the roaring 20’s and shipping items and people around the globe has proven to be a very lucrative business. But in Manifest, instead of shipping people and merchandise across the globe for money, you are doing it for points.

It is a 2-5 player, pick up and deliver game with an average playtime of 2o minutes per person. One of the aspects of this game that has really piqued my interest is that there is two different card mechanics you can choose to use, changing how the game plays. There is a family or introductory card mechanic used where all the action cards are placed in one pile and you draw 4 cards to use for that turn. Each card is multi-purposed. They each have a special ability you can use,  or a number representing how much gold they are worth for purchasing contracts, upgrades, and other purposes, and a number representing how  many movement points they are worth for moving your ships from point A to point B. The cards can be combined together or used separately. (Example, you can combine two cards that are worth 4 and 2 gold. Now, you have 6 gold to spend.)

The other way to play the game is ‘Expert Variant’. The card mechanic used for this variant is a deck building mechanic. You only get three cards per turn, but you are using your own discard and have to now use your gold to buy better cards, along with all the other uses gold is needed for in the game. You are still using the same multi-purposed style cards, just now you have to buy them to place them in your discard pile to be used later in the game, instead of just randomly drawing four each turn.

They have a chart and info for shipping details posted at the bottom of their Kickstarter page.

Pleasant Dreams

Project By: Aerjen Tamminga

You fall asleep dreaming of cotton candy and fantastical adventures. You stir in your sleep as your sweet dreams start to disintegrate, slowly turning into outlandish nightmares, and you awake with a blood curling scream.

In Pleasant Dreams, you  and your opponent’s characters have drifted into a deep slumber, dreaming, trying not to be awoke from nightmares. Or, you can choose to face the fear of the unknown alone.

Pleasant Dreams is a quick 1-2 player game, playable in 5-10 minutes at the most. You have a small deck of cards called Dream Cards. You and your opponent take turns  drawing from the deck and moving the counter on your character cards between the numbers 0 and 5, representing the state of blissful sleep you are enjoying at the moment. If you are at 0, than you are fully asleep, if your counter escalates to 5, than you have awoke from a horrible nightmare and lose the game.

The artwork is a dead ringer for the style and theme of the game. Gorgeous card game, quick play, easy to learn rules, and extremely portable. Nothing but sweet dreams for anyone willing to participate in Aerjen’s Kickstarter campaign.

Shipping within US included. Add $5 to your pledge level for shipping Internationally.

Rahdo Runs Through

Project by: Richard Ham

I don’t think Richard ‘Rahdo’ Ham really needs any introduction to my readers, but for those who aren’t in the ‘Know’, I’ll take a second to introduce him. Rahdo is a retired video game developer turned tabletop gamer with a Youtube channel dedicated to tabletop walk-throughs and reviews.

He usually breaks up one game walk-through/review into three videos, Gameplay, Extended Gameplay, and Final Thoughts. His off the cuff, unscripted, fast talking videos has an air of honesty to them. The words seem to carry more weight with his unique style. Something else that sets him apart from other reviewers, is that a lot of his reviews are focused on if it’s fun for two players or not, since his main gaming partner is his wife, where a lot of reviewers focus on whether the game works well with 3+ players.

Well, why does this all matter, you ask? The reason is simple. His second Kickstarter campaign for  his third season of videos is in full swing as we speak. There are a lot of interesting pledge levels to choose from, including professionally sculpted glass jewelry  and game pieces handmade by his wife.

For more information, you can click the picture above to go to his Kickstarter campaign,or if you’re not familiar with his work, visit his Youtube channel here, and THAN head to his Kickstarter page.

There you have it folks! The crème de la crème for this week. Feel free to leave any comments and/or suggestions, and until next week, Keep playin’, to be playin’!

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