Kick The Box March 17th 2014 Edition

Kick The Box

March 17th Edition

This week we take a look at some great games coming down the pike on Kickstarter. We have a little bit of everything for everyone. Some bluffing, some worker placement styles of games, and another cooperative, horror style miniatures game.  Meet you down at the bottom of the page!

Update: Hoyuk is fully funded and quickly approaching it’s first stretch goal with two weeks left in it’s campaign. Baseball Highlights 2045 is also now fully funded with over two weeks left in their campaign. Character Meeples campaign ended, bringing in an amazing $167,188.

Pirate Den

Project By: Gamesmith LLC

Pirate Den cover (not final art)

Set sail in this casual, bluffing game, Pirates Den, created by one of the producers of the well known series called Tabletop, Boyan Radakovich.

Pirates Den is set during the golden Age of Sail. Each player represents one of the well known pirates of that era. The goal to become the richest pirate with the most buried treasure by the end of the game.

There are three different colors of 120 stones in a bag. Each color represents one of the trading companies, British East Indies Company, the Dutch East Indies Company, and the Spanish-Portuguese Empire. You grab a handful of random stones from the bag and separate them out by color. These represent the goods of the fleets that are ripe for the picking. Each player chooses a card from their action deck that not only has some fabulous artwork on it, but also has your initiative number and what color of goods you can plunder. Everyone places their chosen card face down in front of them and than simultaneously reveals them.

The player with the card that has the lowest initiative goes first. The card will also show what color(s) of stones and from who, whether other pirates are the targeted fleet,  they are able to plunder. Also, one of the action cards is called Buried. With this card, you don’t plunder any loot that turn, but you are able to ‘bury’ your loot and turn it into buried treasure. This gives the game a push your luck element to an already simple, strategic game of greed. Set sail among the seas, plundering and hiding your loot to victory!

Shipping within US is included. Add $14 to most of the pledge levels for shipping outside the US.

Epic Resort

Project By: Ben Harkins

Every great hero and heroine  that has just finished clearing a dungeon and dispatching big old meanie monsters and evil no-gooders need a place for some R&R. That is your job!

In Epic Resort, you and your competition are trying to build the most prestigious resort to attract the tired heroes/heroines and other tourists to your little paradise.  But, unfortunately the heroes come with a price. What you aren’t aware of is that some of the heroes have had some pissed off monsters following them to exact revenge upon their lost goods, and unfortunately your resort might be in the wake of their vengeance. Will the heroes help when they are suppose to be relaxing, losing valuable hit points? Or, will they just let parts of your resort be destroyed and tourists eaten?

During each round, you are able to partake one action. This action can be one of many choices, including building your deck of workers for your resort, placing these workers upon your resort, upgrading your resort, or attracting heroes, which can be used to either defend your resort and tourists, or  count towards your Victory Point total depending on their hit points, or attracting tourists from the Dock for gold.

Epic Resort is a 2-4 player game with many attributes and decisions to be made to help propel your resort to Epic Resort status.

Different pledge levels for different shipping availability.

Pay Dirt

Project By: Crash Games

In Pay Dirt, designed byTory Niemann, creator of Alien Frontiers, you and your hotshot dirt diggers head up to Alaska to try to strike it rich before the weather gets too cold, stopping all work and ending the game.

Pay Dirt is a two – four player auction and worker placement game.He/she with the most gold at the end of the game wins. The catch, is you have to spend your precious gold to acquire dirt, upgrade your equipment and personnel, during the auction phase. Do you spend all of your gold early upgrading all that you can? Or, do you just play it safe and use the crappy equipment and personnel you have and just buy the scrap leftovers of pay dirt, and try the quantity over quality method? Or, can you strike a balance somewhere in between? The choices are all yours.

The campaign offers different pledge levels for different shipping.

Fireteam Zero

Project By: Emergent Games

Fireteam Zero pits competent soldiers against deadly monsters in this 2-4 player cooperative survival horror game. Lead your squad of mercenaries into a battle of epic proportions to defend mankind against the spawning hordes of evil and destroy the artifacts that are causing the spawn of the monsters.

As you progress through the scenarios you are able to upgrade your skills, gear, and abilities that will help you save humankind from these parasitical evil beings.

Grab just the core box, or add on expansions that you want, or pledge at the War Chest level and receive the whole bloody enchilada. The choice is yours.

Shipping within US is included. Add between $20-$35 to your pledge, depending on your pledge level, to ship outside the US.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and catch up on the happenings of Kickstarter. Feel free to leave any comments and suggestions and come back next week to see what surprises we have in store for you.

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