Kick The Box March 10th 2014 Edition

Kick The Box

March 10th Edition

As I stroll through the market of Kickstarter, I can’t help to think how many great games (yes, some not so great games) have been brought alive, that wouldn’t have seen the light of day otherwise. It is mind boggling how many small ‘Mom and Pop’ game design and publishing companies have been able to get a boost through crowd funding.They are always thanking us for backing them, and I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ to all of them for being so open and taking the plunge of not only creating some of the best games, their dreams, but also for the hard work that they do behind the scenes to try to make every backer a part of their dream.

Update: Dungeon Scroll is over 1000% funded with four days left in their Kickstarter campaign. War of Kings is now completely funded with a little less than two weeks left in their Kickstarter campaign. Action Phase Games’s Heroes Wanted campaign came to an end this last week with over $137,000 in pledges!

Baseball Highlights 2045

Project by: Gryphon and Eagle Games

It is 2045, and Baseball’s National Pastime reputation is slowly being uprooted by football. To combat this problem, the National Baseball League has changed the number of innings to six and allowed the use of robots and players with cyborg implants. These mixed with non cyborg implanted enhancements called ‘Naturals’ gave the boost of popularity baseball needed.

Baseball Highlights 2045 is a two player deck building game. One game is played over several mini games, with a free agents recruiting phase (card drafting part of the game) from the free agent line. In between each pre season, season, and World Series game, you continue to draft or buy from the free agency line.  Can you manage and build your team to be the last one standing in the covenanted World Series?

List of different shipping values for each pledge level.


Project by: Wesley Erwine

If your tired of using plastic bags and want a handmade, multi pocket alternative, than Wesley has what your looking for. There are several different sizes and over 30 colors to choose from for your hand sewn Nutsaks.  The pledge levels range from $10 for one Large Nutsack with one upgrade to $2,500 which will net you a whole lot of hand sewn goodness.

There are plenty of add-on upgrades, including draw string upgrades, colored end caps added on, custom embroidering, and much, much more. These look great and the price is something you can’t beat.

US shipping is included. International shipping is varied and clearly stated per pledge level.

London 1888

Project by: A.K.A. Games

London 1888 is a cooperative board game with a traitor aspect to it. It is a 4-8 player game where everyone is working together to capture Jack The Ripper before the fifth murder shows up in the event deck. Well, everyone, except for the person who has been dealt the Jack The Ripper role. This person is trying to bluff and deceive the others, and bring forth the five murders in the Events Deck so he/she and his/her accomplices (if there are any) win the game!

Shipping within US and EU are included. Add $20 for shipping within Canada. Add £30 for the rest of the world.


Project by: MAGE Company

I had the good fortune to swap emails with Alexander prior to their latest Kickstarter launch for Hoyuk. You can find the interview here.

In 10,000 BC, several nomadic clans have started to settle down and create a village. Each player represents one of the clans and take turns building houses, ovens, shrines, and pens trying to score the most victory points. If you manage the catastrophes well enough, changing your strategy on the fly, than your clan will be the one to prevail as the leading clan in that village and win the game.

Shipping is included in the different pledge levels.

Thanks again to all my readers who keep coming back week after week to see what Kickstarter goodness I have brought forth to our grand community. Spread the word about Kick The Box and feel free to leave any comments and suggestions at the bottom of the page.

Come back next week to see the latest picks. Until then,

Keep playin’ to be playin’.

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