Kick The Box March 3rd 2014 Edition

Kick The Box

March 3rd Edition

The amount of Tabletop card, board, and RPG games and game accessories that are being showcased on Kickstarter is staggering. It really makes it difficult to window shop. I’ll have tabs upon tabs of windows open, checking out each one, watching the intro videos, watching the play through videos, maybe catch a couple of the review videos or writeups, making sure I have a genuine concept of how the game works, and rather I think I would enjoy it or not. A lot of great mechanics are getting smashed together and than seeing how the pieces fall into place to not necessarily create new mechanics, but breathe new life into old mechanics. The different themes that are being used is refreshing also. Oh yeah, you’ll always have your Cthulhu Mythos games, your Zombie Games, and your Building Games, but whether it’s smashed together mechanics that are added to older themes, or old mechanics added to new or barely, if at all, explored themes, it  makes me feel all giddy inside like a little kid again to see this all happening at an increased rate of speed. It is definitely an exciting time to be a participant of this hobby.

Update: Shipwrights of the North Sea is 444% funded with over a week left to go. Ryan Smith’s CITY closed it’s campaign fully funded. Character Meeples has also reached over 400% funding with just under two weeks left in their Kickstarter campaign.


Project by: Pilot Study

If you’re a fan of the movie Inception, than Inceptor might be of interest to you. The board represents a dreamer’s mind. They’ve even taken the liberty to name the person doing the dreaming for you as Mark.

Each player picks a colored token and a secret mission. This secret mission is your goal of the game, the idea that needs to be implanted into Mark’s dream.

Collect specific colored cards for each step needed to complete your mission, but beware, the deeper you travel into Mark’s dreams, the more likely your going to run into trouble and be attacked by Mark’s subconscious as it realizes that Mark’s dreams are being manipulated.

For those worried about copyright hassles delaying the game, Pilot Study has already contacted Warner Brothers, and they didn’t have any objections to the game being created.

Shipping within US included. Add $15 to ship to Canada and $30 to ship internationally to your pledge level.

Kill Shakespeare

Project by: IDW Games

"I see, as in a map, the end of all." - Richard III

The new game Kill Shakespeare is based on a comic book series that was launched in 2010. All of Shakespeare’s most famous heroes and villains have been placed into the same world and either are trying to kill or trying to save a great wizard by the name of William Shakespeare.

This 2-4 player, semi co-operative board game is an area control game with an auction mechanic for acquiring resources. Each player will be trying to complete their own quests, but also have to work together to defeat King Richard and prevent him from finding the bard. If the players aren’t successful preventing the loss of the bard, than no one wins.

I have not had the chance to read these comics, but I am intrigued by the world IDW Games has created. This sound like a wonderful world to step into, not only in a written format, but also as an adventure board game.

Shipping within the continuous US is included.  Add $10 to your pledge level for shipping to Canada, Alaska & Hawaii. Add $30 for shipping everywhere else.

Arcadia Quest

Project by: Cool Mini Or Not

In this 2-4 player, scenario driven, campaign game, Arcadia Quest, darkness has fallen upon the city of Arcadia. It is your job to lead your guild of heroes against the vile monsters that have overtaken the city and dethrone the one responsible for the sun not rising, The Vampire Lord.

Of course, everyone needs to work together to help overcome the scenarios, but you don’t want to help the other player’s guilds too much, because the guild with the most loot is able to acquire the most toys for his guild of heroes to give them the edge in becoming the rightful rulers of Arcadia, after the Vampire Lord is dethroned . . . That is, IF he is dethroned.

There is no Dungeon Master needed, and when a player’s pawn is ‘aggroed’ by a monster, the player to the right takes control of the monster, following the simplified rules for combat. Or, if your so inclined to do so, you can attack another hero of one of the other guilds if you think they are gathering too much of the gold. Backstabbingly Good Times!

Check about two thirds down their Kickstarter page for shipping information.

Sherlock Holmes – The Card Game, Second Edition

Project by: Excalibre Games

new art for the box

The original version of Sherlock Holmes was printed in a rather limited release, only in Europe. Excalibre Games would like to change that. They are trying to Kickstart a second edition of this game with a few tweaks and additions and make it available world wide.

In Sherlock Holmes – The Card Game, everyone is a detective, trying to arrest the Villain. Secretly, one of the detectives trying to solve the crime is in all actuality, the Villain. As the Villain, you are trying to discard all your cards, including your Villain card in order to escape.

The detectives, on the other hand, are trying to play their cards, including arrest cards, to try to catch the Villain before he/she escapes. Players earn points for either making an arrest, or escaping as the villain.

Free shipping to Canada, and the continuous US. Add $6 per game for shipping north of Canada, Hawaii, and Alaska (Yes, I realize that is north of Canada, for those going Duh! I’m just typing how they have it worded!). Add $10 per game to ship within Europe and $18 to ship to the rest of the world.

Like I said before, some great games are being developed and made available via crowd funding. This is only a taste of what is out there. Come back next week as I return from my weekly window shopping and show you some more exciting things to come our way. Feel free to leave any comments below, and until next week, Keep Gaming To Be Gaming.

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