Rapid Review: Cube Quest

Cube Quest is a fast playing, dice smashing dexterity game where you flick your dice at your opponent. The winning move? smash their king off the board with any of your dice. It’s got an MSRP of $29.99. 2 players, ages 8+ and plays in 15 minutes or less. It’s made by Gamewright games.
I picked this up just a few days ago at Total Confusion on a recommendation from Jeremy at Crossroad Games.It takes about 2 minutes to teach this game, and a really lengthy game may last 15 minutes. It consists of two player mats and 50 dice, 25 per player. Each die serves a certain function, and any who engage in battle directly can be captured. If you flick your die into enemy territory and it lands shadow side up, you have to roll it off the mat. A 2nd shadow side roll and that die is ‘captured’ – or out of the game.

The dice:

  • Grunts have 2 face sides and 4 shadow sides.
  • Strikers have 5 face sides and 1 shadow side but there’s only 4 of ’em.
  • Armor dudes (I’m obviously starting to blank on the names here) have 3 shadow and 3 face, but can be flicked twice in one turn if the 2nd flick starts in your territory.
  • Lurkers have 3 and 3, but if they land in enemy territory face up, you can pull them off the board and then spend 1 turn putting them back in enemy territory anywhere you’d like.
  • Freezers can’t be flicked. You place them on top of enemy dice (1 freezer per turn on enemy territory but both if one or more of them is in your territory). The frozen dice can’t be flicked until the freezer is knocked off.
  • Healer dice aren’t flicked. But take them off the board (before they get knocked off) and you can re-roll up to six points of captured dice to get them back in the game.
  • King  die has no shadow sides and no special powers other than it cannot be captured, and if it leaves the mat, you’ve lost the game.
Each player takes a turn and flicks one of their dice at the opposing player’s army. Knock one or more dice off the mats and it’s out of the game. If the die lands partially on the mat, it’s still in play. You cannot flick your opponents dice. You can build walls 2, 3 or even 4 dice high, arrange them as you see fit and surround your king for protection.
This game doesn’t claim to be deep, and it certainly isn’t. But it’s a 10 gallon bucket full of fun! It takes about 2 minutes to set up, and 10 or less to play. It’s guaranteed to draw a crowd at a convention or with a  group of friends. It’s also a great family game. You should be cautious while playing though. Testing it out in the game room at the convention, we came pretty close to losing a die or two as they shot off in various directions. Do a few practice flicks as the dice are hollow plastic and pretty light. We also broke one of the dice thanks to an overly muscled player doing a power flick. He didn’t know his own strength though and a dab of superglue saved the day.

My one gripe about this game is how it’s packaged. The battle mats are made out of the same foam material your standard mouse pad is constructed of. And then folded into the box. This leaves a noticeable crease that does effect game play. The solution, fold them the other way, and let ’em sit for 10 minutes for some fast play. Or grab a cloth to cover them and iron them on low for a few minutes and then roll them up and store them outside the box. Mine were not as terribly creased as others have reported and just folding them the other way for a day removed 99% of the crease. I’ve had good reports that Gamewright games will replace those badly creased.

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