Kick The Box Feb. 10th 2014 Edition

Kick The Box

Feb. 10th Edition

Well, I managed to survive the Northwest’s “big freeze” this weekend. Yep! It finally snowed here. Yeah, no laughing from the rest of North America! We managed to accumulate a whole six inches in three days! Yeah, sad I know. It’s been a pretty bizarre dry winter here for once, but ANYWAYS! Your not here to listen to me yak about the weather, your here to see what games and game accessories I’ve chosen this week to cover and what is so great about them! So, On with the the show!

Update: Tiny Epic Kingdom finishes it’s amazing Kickstarter campaign with over a whopping $280,000 pledged. Eternal Dynasty is fully funded with a week left to go. If generational politics and intrigue is something your interested in, than it’s not to late to head over to their campaign and help them kick down some of their pledge goals.

Heroes Wanted

Project by: Action Phase Games

Become one of the elite super hero’s of Zeta City!

You create a super hero by combining the torso half of your character card with a bottom half character card, creating a complete superhero persona. Each half contain special abilities that you’ll be able to use through out the game. The goal is to gain the most fame so you will be welcomed into the exclusive Champions of Zeta City group!

Run or fly around the city trying to KO minions of a villain, completing headlines, thwarting the villain’s evil plans, or just by making other new super heroes lives miserable. Choose from one of the four scenarios included in the game and get to work!

Different pledge levels for shipping within US and shipping internationally.

Lagoon: Land of the Druids

Project by: David Chott

Midpoint of 2 player game. Each player has a stack of unraveled sites and acquired seed tokens at bottom left and right.

The rise of man has divided the once balanced source of magic in Lagoon into three different spiritual energies that are now vying for dominance. This tile laying game of 2-4 players has each player controlling a Circle of Druids trying to twist and bend the three energies to their will.

The goal of the game is to have the most seeds of the dominant energy at the end of the game. So, throughout the game there is no clear path to victory. You may have the most Vowelon seeds(red tiles/seeds), but there might be more Deonin (blue tile/seeds)tiles out in the world, so the person who has the most blue seeds has sided with the dominant energy and wins the game.

There are different pledge levels for various shipping needs.


Project by: Aviary Games

Alchemy is a card game that (now with stretch goals unlocked) will support 2-8 players. A group of Apprentice Alchemists are competing to show their Master Alchemist who can make the most potions the fastest. But, the catch is all of you will be sharing the same lab and will be competing for the same components to make these potions.

Everyone will be trying to gather the face up elements to dump into their respective cauldrons. Gather the necessary elements needed to complete the potion you’ve decided upon, from your cauldron, into your vial. But, watch out! Make sure you are paying attention to what potions the other students are creating! If they happen to be trying to fill their vial with the same potion, and are able to succeed before you do, you may have to dump out all of the contents of your vial and start all over!

Shipping within US included. Add $15-$20, depending on your pledge level, for shipping outside of the US.

oddball Aeronaughts

Project by: maverick:muse

It seems like a the new wave of modern board games are taking a  ‘bigger is better’ approach to their development, which is not a bad thing by any means. But it is also great to see card/board games come along that are trying to add strategy and depth of a tabletop card game into the palm of your hand.

That’s exactly what oddball Aeronaughts does. It is the only card/board game that I know of that you truly don’t need a table to play. It is a two player, mobile, on the go, portable card game that you can play anywhere. Standing in line at the movie theater, waiting for dinner at a restaurant, lunch breaks, and wherever else you have 10 or 15 minutes to play a quick card game. Not only is the game gorgeous to look at, but it also has more depth and strategy to it than you can shake a sword at.

Worldwide shipping is included.

That rounds out this week’s picks. As always, leave any comments and suggestions down below. Until next week, Keep playin’ to be playin’.

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