Kick The Box Feb. 3rd 2014 Edition

Kick The Box

Feb. 3rd  Edition

Normally I have sifted through all of Kickstarter to bring you at least four of my favorite tabletop games and/or game accessories every week. This week I fell short because one of my chosen games was canceled today. I think in the last year since I started writing this column, that has never actually happened to me. I’ve had them canceled after I’ve posted about them and than kept my readers up to date on a relaunch, but never have I had the unfortunate luck to go to their campaign page to get some last minute info, just to find it had been canceled. So, I guess since February is a short month, I guess we’ll just start off with a short Kick The Box.

Update: Chaosmos’s Kickstarter campaign ended this last week, 341% funded. Tiny Epic Kingdom is still going strong with four days left in their campaign. They are close to breaking the $200,000 mark. Very impressive for a $16 game!

Ryan Smith’s The CITY

Project by: Jean-Paul Lapointe

CITY laid out - digital representation

There are times when I’m just looking for a game to scratch an itch. Been looking for a new city building game that will scratch that SimCity building itch in a tabletop game format. Suburbia scratches all around the itch but it doesn’t quite hit that “dog leg thumping” satisfaction. I feel like the game is over before I get the full satisfaction of a full city/suburban area complete. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Suburbia, and it has some great mechanics and checks and balances, but I don’t get that “Yep, I built that!” feeling when the rounds are over, and the scoring is finished.

Jean-Paul’s The CITY, on the other hand, looks like it would be the game to finally scratch that urban city building itch. A piece of land with limited amount of resources has been discovered by several city prospectors (The Players), and it is their job to build roads and residential, commercial, and industrial zones til the natural resources are depleted. When that happens, the game is over and you tally up the points based on amount of citizens and size of your skyscrapers. The player with the most points, wins!

Shipping is included for shipping across the globe.

Draco Magi

Project by: Robert Burke

Draco Magi is a card game that pits two Dragon Magi Apprentices against one another in a battle of supremacy to see who will sit upon  the recently demised Dragon King’s throne.

In this two player game, each player commands an army of dragons. They strategically place them for melee and ranged combat advantages, or for defensive bonuses. Every battlefield will have strategic advantages and disadvantages.  You use all your tactical resources and wits to win on the battlefield. Depicted on each battlefield location will be a colored gem. The goal is to collect three of these gems of the same color or one of every color, or four gems of any color.

Different pledge levels for different shipping locations.

Dice Empire: Series One

Project by: Tinderbox Entertainment

Last week I had come across a local Kickstarter featuring custom dice designed for the Eldritch and Arkham Horror games. This week I hit the pot of gold in dice customization!

Another local Kickstarter campaign  has more customized 6D than  you’ll know what to do with. The picture here does not do justice to the amount of various dice designs that are shown on their Kickstarter campaign page. I’ll show you a couple more of their designs, since the pictures will do the dice better justice than any amount of words I can paste across your screen. Click on the picture above though to see even more of these amazing hand crafted 6D.

Add $15 for shipping outside the US, and an additional $1 for every 10 dice added on. US shipping included.

Available Colors - DICE: white. PAINT: purple, green, blue. Available Colors - DICE: black, yellow. PAINT: yellow, black.






Available Colors - DICE: black. PAINT: white.

That’s it for this week! Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions. And until next week, Keep playing to be playing.


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