Kick The Box Jan. 27th 2014 Edition

Kick The Box

Jan. 27th Edition

Welcome back Kicksters to another fun filled week of Kickstarter goodness! This last week I did some prowling through the back alleys of Kickstarter, and you won’t believe what I found! Press on after the update to see what pretty little gems I have in store for you this week.

Update: Ares Magazine is entering the final week of it’s Kickstarter campaign and is nearly 70% funded. Still time to check it out and help them reach their goal. Edgar Allen Poe Playing Cards ended it’s Kickstarter campaign a week ago with  successful funding for it’s 432 backers. Custom Dice for AH & EH has two weeks left for it’s wildly successful campaign.

The Whispering Road

Project by: Brent P. Newhall

Whispering Road by thedandmom

Looks like our own Brent Newhall has started his own Kickstarter, The Whispering Road!

If you’re a Miyazaki or a Studio Ghibli fan, than your going to have an appreciation for what Brent has created. This  amazing RPG style story game draws inspiration from classic movie and video game titles such as Kikki’s Delivery Service, Spirited Away, and Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, among many others.

Not only will advanced gamers enjoy The Wandering Road, but it’s design makes it a great gateway RPG-like game for parents  interested in introducing their kids, 8 years and older, to the wonderful world of Imagination.

The $20 pledge level includes shipping worldwide.

RAFM Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Miniatures

Project by: Silver Fox Productions

Calling all you Call of Cthulhu RPGers! Silver Fox Productions has the license for Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition and are using it to create some gorgeous miniatures based on the license.

The miniatures are 32mm scale, unpainted, and cast in white metal. This initial launch covers all the figures needed for Masks of Nyarlathotep RPG module, but plans are already in place to expand into the other Call of Cthulhu RPG modules depending on the success of the campaign.(Considering they have exceeded their $6,000 pledge level by more than $20,000 as of this writing, I think it’s safe to say, we’ll be seeing more miniatures in the near future.)

Shipping within Canada included. For most pledge levels, add $15 to ship outside of Canada.

Villages: Construct and Conquer Game

Project by: Fridecrisis Games

Villages is another tabletop card game that is set in the 16 Bit Renaissance. The goal of this 2-5 player Rummy styled card game is to gather 3 or more of the same colored cards. Once you have a set, you lay them down in front of you creating the beginning of your village. Each villager has a power and gold value. The power can be used for attacking or defending against attacks from your opponents. The gold value represents the points your village is worth. The goal of the game is to build the most valuable village worth 100 gold coins. Attack, defend, and build your way to victory!

Add $5-$10 to ship outside of the US depending on the pledge level. Shipping within US is included.

Eternal Dynasty

Project by: Nicholas Yu – Zucchini People Games, LLC

Art for Eternal Dynasty is provided by the talented Lea Segarra.

 Eternal Dynasty is a 3-5 player, with a two player variant, area control game. The goal of the game is to spread  your political and/or military influence through out China. The game spans over multiple generations (Rounds of Play) and can last 60-150 minutes(roughly 20-30 minutes per player).

At the beginning of a each generation (Round), each player will select a leader for that generation. Each leader has different political and military influence power and special abilities. So, what strategy that was working for you with one leader, isn’t going to work for you for the next generation of your family. This, coupled with random events at the beginning of each round, will keep you on your toes and having to adjust your strategy each round as the game develops.

There is a nice chart for shipping costs worldwide on their Kickstarter page for you to refer to.

There you have it Ladies and Gents! This week’s round up of tabletop games and accessories that can only be found on Kickstarter that I think deserves your attention. Let me know what you think in the comments, and hope to see you back here next week for another edition of Kick The Box!

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