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After spending a few nights this week talking with three folks involved in gaming – the Zeppeldrome guys (Anthony Gallela and Jeff Wilcox) and Fred Hicks of Evil Hat, I’ve decided I really need to keep doing the Indie Talks Podcast. I love doing it! I very much enjoy talking with people in the gaming industry who are entirely responsible for the hobby we all love. And I love sharing it with the world.

To that end, I’ve revamped, and relaunched a Patreon campaign to help garner support for Indie Talks. I really do want to keep this podcast vibrant and alive, but justifying the time it takes away from my family and other projects is getting tough.

Here’s a chance to support me and the podcast. Get a bunch of my games, and even a chance to hang out and virtually schmooze with me and some folks in the industry. You could be a guest interviewer along with me on an episode of Indie Talks!  Support levels range from a buck an episode (to a total of $2 a month, even if more episodes are released) to $10 in a limited support level where you get to be a guest host with me on Indie Talks. There’s also a middle tier of $3 an episode (up to a maximum of $6/month) that gets you access to all of my current and future game releases as PDFs. 

Having some support would go a very long way towards keeping this podcast alive, getting better equipment to make it sound better and help fulfill a longer term goal of more content, more often.



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