Kick The Box Jan. 20th Edition

Kick The Box

Jan. 20th Edition

Welcome back to this week’s Kick The Box, where I have gone insane with jealousy over some people’s talents in the tabletop game community on Kickstarter and feel the need to torture these people by sharing their hard work to the world! Oh wait, that’s not really torture is it?

This week, my findings include a new deck of playing cards that any card player or collector must have, plus a couple of interesting game accessories, and  a new Western themed game by Mr. B. Games.

Update: Tiny Epic Kingdom has demolished the $100,000 pledge barrier with over two weeks to go!  Chaosmos has kicked over the $70,000 mark and only needs little less than $30,000 for the modular board! Four Tribes is fully funded with five stretch goals unlocked with a full two weeks left of it’s Kickstarter campaign!

Custom Dice For Horror Themed Arkham and Eldritch Games!

Project by: Tom Wilfong


Here’s something for you Eldritch and Arkham Horror fans to pimp out your game or games with: Custom Normal, Blessed, and Cursed Dice in the colors of green, blue, and red. The Elder Sign is the dominant sign for the success rolls, with the numbers in the corners. Even though the dice are created specifically with Eldritch and Arkham Horror in mind, they can be still be used as regular dice if you so choose.

Are you tired of  having to use a cup or a bowl for your monster chips? Then Tom has the answer for that also. For an extra $4 you can order a dice bag  with an Elder Sign printed on it that would replace your “monster cup” for a more thematic look and feel.

Shipping included in US. For International Shipping, add between $10-$30 depending on your pledge level.

Dragon Dynasty Bicycle Playing Cards – Returns!

Project by: Yuk Wah

It seems like at least once a month, there is a new set of playing cards on Kickstarter that are so gorgeous , that I can’t help but showcase them in one of my weekly articles. These Dragon Dynasty Playing Cards by Yuk Wah are no exception. These hand drawn cards have an unique style and look to them that I haven’t seen on any other playing cards.

The Ace’s posted here are only a taste of what is on the Kickstarter page. Be sure to head over there to see the rest of the art and cards posted and get yourself a deck or two.

I would love to play a game of Cribbage with these cards!

Free shipping within US and UK. Check the pledge levels for International shipping listing.

Customizable 3D Printed Tabletop Miniatures

Project by: Hero Forge

Customize and materialize!

The web UI design of Hero Forge is for one thing, and one thing only. Customized Miniatures!

That is right, from pen and paper, to pixels, to plastic, your newly created pen and paper character can be fully realized as a miniature. The example in their Kickstarter video of Hero Forge’s web UI is only a small morsel of the eight course meal Hero Forge has in store for Role Playing fans everywhere.

Their initial theme is fantasy character models and weapons, but their goal is,with enough funding, is to add other thematic character genres such as Cyberpunk, Western, Superheros, Pulp, and more to their web design. So, it doesn’t matter what world you play in, they will have the character model and parts you need to create your own customized miniature.

Shipping within US is included . For International shipping, add $15-$50 for to your pledge level, depending on your pledge level.

Spurs: A Tale of the Old West

Project by Mr. B Games

In Mr. B  Games latest foray into Kickstarter, you take on a role of one of the classic Western archetype. Herding cattle, robbing banks,  hunting animals, and other activities all net you a profit. But, be careful as your saddle bags grow heavier, other players may turn against you and try to rob you! Be the first to amass fame and fortune, either by honest hard work, or via outlaw style.

This is a 2-5 player game with a sixth player expansion available as an add-on.

Shipping is handled with different pledge levels depending on where you live.

That’s it for this week! Come back next week as I show you some more must haves in the land of Kickstarters.

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