Indie Talks Episode 38 – Dan Yarrington of Game Salute


This podcast was unfortunately delayed a bit from before the holidays as I struggled mightily with some Youtube issues. I’ve finally gotten those straightened out, and what we’re left with is an excellent podcast!

Dan Yarrington joins me from Game Salute as we talk about everything under the sun that has to do with the board game industry. Dan takes us through getting a game ready to publish, the manufacturing, kickstarting and then publication and distribution of modern hobby games.

We would love to get your feedback about our show! Contact me with comments:, follow me on twitter @trollitc, and also check us out on iTunes! Hell, you can even catch us on Stitcher.  While you’re at it, there’s the Indie Talks Facebook page and the Indie Talks Google+ page. MySpace…well, I won’t go there if you wont. Please do rate this podcast on iTunes, and leave feedback through any of these links!


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