Kick The Box Jan 6th 2014 Edition

Kick The Box

January 6th 2014 Edition

 Happy Belated New Years!

I hope everyone’s New Year holiday was full of gaming greatness. Last week, I took a look at the past year. I listed some of my most anticipated games that were successfully funded  on Kickstarter in 2013.

This week, I’ve returned to our normal state of burrowing through Kickstarter’s backwaters, in search of the hidden gems that lay at it’s ocean’s floor.  If what I found is any indication of what meaty morsels lies ahead in 2014, this is going to be one amazing year of tabletop gaming!

 Fief – France 1429

Project by: Uwe Eickert

Fief is a 3-6 player classic French board game. Your goal is to lead your noble family through the politics of the church and economics. Alliances are formed by marriage and diplomacy. Armies of Knights, Men At Arms, and Siege Engines are bought to either protect or collect what is “rightfully” yours. Backstabbing  and treachery is no short order as your family vies to become the most powerful noble family in France during the Middle Ages.

If your interested in helping Academy Games reintroduce this classic French board game in English with updated rules, cards, and map board, than check out their Kickstarter campaign.

Free shipping within US. Check the shipping prices listed at the bottom of their Kickstarter page for details of international shipping.


Project by: Mirror Box Games

The Ovoid. Your civilization’s final hope for survival as the time of the galactic apocalypse ticks near. You start on your home planet and traverse the galaxy with a handful of items and equipment to help you find, secure, and defend The Ovoid. Use cunning deception, misdirection, strategy, and your special alien abilities to outsmart your opponents and send their civilizations to their demise.

Time is ticking away at a rapid pace. Are you the savior of your race?

Free shipping to US, Canada, UK, Germany & China. Add $10 for delivery to Western Europe and $25 for all other international shipping.

Japanese The Game

Project by: Bernhard Hamaker

A game of Japanese vocabulary and sentence structure for non-Japanese speakers. This game offers a solo mode, collaborative mode, and competitive mode.

Learn how to piece together Formal and Informal sentence structures while you and your friends play a game. This can be great for adults as well as children.

The design of the cards are gorgeous. The layout not only looks pleasing to the eye, but there is a lot of information on each card in a simple comprehensive fashion.

There are International pledge levels as well as shipping within the US pledge levels.

Ares Magazine

Project by: One Small Step Games

Draft of Ares Magazine Issue #1 CoverThis is a very intriguing idea and concept. Almost a throwback of sorts. One Small Step Games wants to start printing a new bi-monthly 80 page magazine full of Science Fiction wrapped around a board game and would like your help. This first issue contains a new and unique board game called War of the Worlds by Bill Banks (Ancients, Imperator) One player controls the military forces of Queen Victoria trying to repel the other players Martian forces.

The only caveat to the board games found in Ares will be that the players will have to supply common items, like six sided dice or pencils and scratch paper to play. I think I can speak for most of us when I say, I don’t think finding those types of objects in our households will be a problem.

International Shipping ranges from $15 to $35 depending upon pledge level. Shipping within US is included.

New Science Fiction short stories and game board in one magazine? Sign me up!

Well, that’s it for this week. Come back next week as I stomp through the swampy marshes of Kickstarter looking for the gems of tomorrow for you today.

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