Kick The Box Dec. 23rd 2013 Edition

Kick The Box

Dec. 23rd Edition

The end is near. Well, the end of the year that is. Or, the end period could be near. No one knows that to be true or not for sure. I’m debating on this being the last picks for the year and than maybe for the last Kick The Box of the year on the 30th of December creating  a list of games that I’m most looking forward to receiving compiled from my picks this last year. Let me know what you think in the comments. Until than, enjoy my picks for this week.

Edgar Allan Poe Playing Cards

Project by: James Poole, Daved Edgerly, & Ron Woods

This Limited Edition deck of 54 playing cards inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s macabre tales is available only on Kickstarter. The artwork is David Edgerly’s own interpretation of Poe’s masterpieces, including classics such as Murders on the Rue Morgue, The Tell-Tale Heart, and some of his more obscure works, like The Gold Bug.

There is only going to be a one time printing of these, so hurry and grab these beautiful pieces of art before they are nevermore!

Shipping within US included. Add $10 to the pledge for International Shipping.

Darkraven Science Fiction Soundscapes

Project by: Ruby Nile Games

Ruby Nile Games is at it again with another marvelous soundtrack. Their first soundtrack, Darkraven Fantasy Soundscapes was such a success with over 200 backers, that they now have a Science Fiction Soundscape for your Sci-Fi RPG’s and Board Games.

Need the sound of a bustling city? Or maybe the sounds inside or outside a starship? Or just some atmospheric sound to compliment your games. With over nine hours of loop able sounds available, you can take your game to the next level with Darkraven’s Science Fiction Soundscapes.

Shipping will be digital.


Project by: Zeke Abuhoff

As The Republic of Rome crumbles, the chance for your noble family to wade through the politics, economics, and war has arisen. This will be your only chance to be the next dictator.

With the implemented bidding mechanic, players can win one of two ways. They can either earn the loyalty of enough Roman legions to storm the capitol or possess the greatest influence by games end, aka when the deck runs out.

Shipping within US is included. International shipping ranges from $15-$20 added to your pledge depending on pledge level.

Warring Kingdom

Project by: Harry Gao

The death of King Thorne has thrown the Kingdom of Eastmore into a frantic free for all. For the last twelve years, all the Lords have fought one another over the rights to the throne.

The 2-4 player game of Warring Kingdom combines some deck building/drafting mechanics and hand management into a direct conflict card game. You try to balance economic stability and military advancements with the soul goal of destroying one of your opponents castle. The lucky lord who is able to accomplish such a monumental task is declared victorious and the new ruler of the Kingdom of Eastmore.

Shipping within US included. Add $15-$30 to your pledge, depending on the pledge level, for International Shipping.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it and Festive Days to all that don’t. Let me know what you think about my idea for the last edition of Kick The Box of 2013! Til, next week, Keep on Gaming!

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