Kick The Box Creator of Everwrought, Kevin Register Interview


Kick The Box

Interview with Kevin Register, Creator of Everwrought

This week we have a special treat. I got a chance to sit down and swap some question and answer with creator of Everwrought, which can be found on Kickstarter right here.

Kick The Box:How many people have been working on Everwrought?

Kevin Register: There are four people primarily working on the project, though many contractors were used and I also consider play testers a big part of this.

KTB: Glad to hear someone give a shout out to the play testers. How long have you been working on Everwrought?

KR: Though the “official” launch of Tall Tale Studios was 11-12-13, we have been in planning and development for five months or so.

KTB: That’s exciting. The big announcement with Everwrought is that it not only has it’s own house rules, but also is compatible with DnD (4th Edition, and possibly future editions), Pathfinder, Fate and Dungeon World. This sounds like a huge undertaking. Was it as overwhelming as it sounds?

KR: Knowing when and where to help the GM/DM for a particular system was something we wanted to try from the beginning. We wanted to use highly identifiable markers to let people know “This is DnD Specific!” so they can tune in to it or tune out as applicable. Also, some systems are less mini dependent and making that fun for them was a lot of work too. As for House Rules, it has been a challenge formalizing the rules, but they have been used countless time in the past when I taught new players how to play RPGs without overwhelming them with rules. (To be honest though, I really like thorough systems and play them often.)

KTB: This first core rule book is set on one of the islands, is there plans to include more of the islands in future books, or the two main continents themselves?

KR: That is the plan. Each island gives us a perfect sandbox to play in, but the two bigger continents are there for stability in storytelling.

 KTB:  The  pledge goal is set at  $25,000. What is the breakdown of the funding?

KR: The reason for the higher initial goal was to insource the production of the minis, but that is quite expensive. We just wanted to be in control of the quality. It was very important to us.

KTB:  How does the character creation for the house rules different/same than some of the other well known systems like Pathfinder and Fate?

KR: It contains limited classes and races, but the creation takes minutes and I have found it to be easy for true beginners. The key is that it can be played with just two D6s. I do not recall ever being in a house without good ole’ six siders, and you can use those in conjunction with ideas borrowed from casino games to make for some interesting play.

KTB:For a new player that isn’t familiar with one of the standard systems, will it be easy for him/her to jump in and start DM’ing or be an adventurer with your house rules?

KR: That was the goal from the beginning. We wanted to support the major systems, but if someone wanted an independent means to playing, we wanted them to have that option too.

KTB: Once you start a character with the house rules, will it be doable and/or easy to transfer it to one of the other compatible systems?

KR: House Rules should translate well in to most systems, though to translate it would take someone familiar with the other system to make those calls.



KTB: What all will you find in the campaign book?

KR: A complete adventure with 7 main plot points. We give you a linear path, but as to avoid the railroading of players, we give you tips to let the players sandbox a bit. In addition to the adventure, we have included tips and tricks for the Game Master/DM to add some spice to the games. This includes simple-to-execute Arduino projects and even some low level pyrotechnics (seriously.)



Thanks again Kevin for taking time out of your busy schedule to spearhead the questions!

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