Kick The Box Dec. 16th 2013 Edition

Kick The Box

Dec. 16th Edition

Hey Kick-The-Boxers! Another week has passed, and another Monday is upon us, kicking our arses into ‘Go Mode’. I found some great treasures this week hidden behind some Kickstarter thumbnails. Take a peek and let me know what you think.

Update: Machina Arcana’s campaign is closing in on the $100,000 mark as it approaches it’s final week of it’s campaign. Gripmat’s campaign also continues to go strong as it has surpassed 300% of it’s funding goal with three weeks left in it’s Kickstarter campaign remaining. Ryuutama just wrapped up it’s successful campaign.

Everwrought – The Perils of Promise

Project by: Tall Tale Studios

I’m really liking the sounds of this  world that Tall Tale Studios has created. The world consists of two massive continents that have been at war since before the dawn of time. In between these two continents lies a string of hundreds of islands known as The Footprints. Most of these islands have aligned themselves with one or the other continent, but they all wish that the war would have ended long ago. On one of the smaller islands among The Footprints, lies one island  where your hero’s adventures will start and possibly end. This island is called Promise.

Everwrought will have it’s own simpler, easy for beginners, house rules, while at the same time are compatible with the standard existing systems,  DnD(4th Edition), Pathfinder, Fate, and DW.

Everything needed to start your campaign will be in the box, including a 350+ page campaign setting book, 10 minis, and 3 double-sided maps.

Keep checking back this week as I get the pleasure to pick at the gray mass of one of the creators, Kevin Register in an email interview. This should be done and posted by end of the week at the latest.

Shipping within the US is included. Include $15 to your pledge for International Shipping.

Mega Man

Project by: Jasco Games

Enter the world of Mega Man via Tabletop! Can it be done? Can the game that redefined side scrollers for many generations and still continues to do so be successfully br turned into a tabletop game?

Jasco Games thinks so. This 2-4 player (2-8 player ability with expansions) pits you and your fellow Mega Man competitors in a race to be the first to beat the required number of Robot Masters and enter into Dr. Wily’s lair and defeat him.

Grab your power ups, jump into your blue suit, and enter this exciting action packed side scroller themed tabletop board game called Mega Man.

All shipping is within North America. Jasco Games is looking into expanding their license to include international shipping. They are hoping to have news on that very soon.

Anime Miniatures

Project by: M&K Adventures

Sculpt by Hector (Hec) Moran.

With the amount of successful Anime themed RPG’s on Kickstarter like OVA , Tears of a Machine, and Ryuutama, it would only make sense to have some gorgeous anime inspired miniatures to use as your adventurers avatars for your newly created universes.

All 8 of the base set that are being offered in this Kickstarter campaign are gorgeous replicas of different themed anime styled figures, each  begging to have a personality attached to them and let loose upon your created universe.

There are also more figurines waiting to be unlocked in the stretch goals.

Shipping within US is free. You can visit M&K Adventures International shipping webpage here for international shipping details.

War of Keys: Overture

Project by: Nicholas D. Rossum

War Of Keys is a Final Fantasy Tactics inspired Miniatures Role Playing Game set in the Empire of Tharelia.

Instead of creating only one character, you will create a unit of 3-5 characters with 19 different classes to choose from and hundreds of unique pieces of equipment. Your unit will choose a faction in The Tharelian Empire to serve and can eventually be expanded into a unit of 8-9 characters.

One of the mechanics that stands out compared to other miniatures is the unique character activation system that captures the style of character activation in turn based video game classics like Final Fantasy Tactics.

Shipping for the physical products are US only and included.

There you go! This week’s picks it is. Hit the subscribe button or check back later this week for the interview with Everwrought’s creators. Til next time, keep on throwing the dice, meeting the meeples, and kicking the box.

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