Kick The Box December 2nd 2013 Edition

Kick The Box

Dec. 2nd  Edition

I hope all who celebrated Thanksgiving this last week had a great gaming time, and for the rest of my readers, I hope all of you also got your fair share of gaming in. This week’s Kick The Box features two amazing must have game accessories. Well, actually one of them has a whole SLEW of must have gaming accessories that has my wallet begging for forgiveness, plus two noteworthy tabletop games. So, together, let’s hit the latest updates and see what my picks for this week are.

Update: According to the updates, it is looking like almost all the copies of The Agents have  been shipped! Can’t wait to receive my copy! The relaunch of Privateer has surpassed it’s pledge goal and is now fully funded. There is still plenty of time to jump onto the shipwagon and grab the new pirate themed game and help them unlock the rest of their stretch goals.

 Secrets of the Lost Tomb

Project by: Everything Epic Games

Boss Monster Artwork For The Adventure Scripts- See Stories Below!

With the success of games like Pandemic, Zombicide, and Forbidden Island, Cooperative Tabletop Games popularity has surged to unexpected heights. More story driven and thematic cooperative games are coming out all the time.

Secret of the Lost Tomb is a new cooperative tabletop game with a 1930’s pulp adventure theme. Drawing inspirations from several different mythos and themes like Lovecraft, Pirates of the Caribbean and Indiana Jones, plus others, gives it a chance to stand out among all the other new cooperative board games.

Secrets of the Lost Tomb mixes together all of these and more to bring an exciting game theme to a table near you. Different Adventure Packs with two scenarios for each one and a  Betrayal of the House on the Hill room laying mechanic, promises a ton of replayability.

Board Game Storage Chest, Tokens, Inserts & More

Project by: Bobby@G07Gaming

Fantasy Meeples for Lords of Waterdeep and Other GamesIf your looking to add some bling to some of your favorite board games or looking for some tabletop game storage, than Go7Gaming’s Kickstarter campaign is where your search ends. This Kickstarter is a little different from other game accessories Kickstarters that I’ve covered. Instead of focusing only on one particular area of tabletop gaming, they have almost all the answers in one campaign.

If it’s generic sized storage boxes with clear plastic card dividers your looking for, than they have it here. They also have specific sized card or board game storage boxes, for games like Agricola, Dominion, and Star Wars LCG, just to name a few.

Or maybe, you just want to add some amazing looking tokens to some of your favorite games, such as viruses for Pandemic, Fantasy Meeples for Lords of Waterdeep or hearts for Love Letter.

Don’t just take my word for it, click the link in the picture and let your wallet start begging for mercy.

Shipping is included within US and Canada. Some of the larger items aren’t available for shipping outside of  US/Canada, but for the rest of them, there are a lot of different options on their Kickstarter page.


Project by: Break From Reality Games

Betrayal at The House on The Hill on 24" x 32"

After playing Betrayal at The House on The Hill for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and my newly acquired copy of Suburbia this weekend for the first time, I can see how having a couple of these on  your shelf  with your tabletop collection could be extremely beneficial.

These beautiful Gripmats,with their different artwork, looks like they can be the answer to ‘ghost’ movement (pieces that you don’t want moved while you manipulate the pieces you do want moved) of tile laying tabletop games and miniatures.

They have on their Kickstarter Video a demonstration of the durability of these mats. Besides being purposely shredded or  cut, they look like they could withstand a beating from an Owlbear. They are water-proof and stain resistant, as well as being crease resistant when you fold them.

Shipping within the US is included. Add $15 to ship to Canada and Mexico. Shipping to Europe and Australia, pledgers will need to add $25 and everywhere else, $35 will need to be added for shipping.

Hostile Takeover

Project by: Not Dead Yet Games

Hostile Takeover, if it takes off, looks like it could be the same answer to miniature games that Living Card Games (LCG’s) were for the card game industry. Hostile Takeover will have all the miniatures and accessories needed to play the game. This game also could easily be supplemented with annual expansions.

Each person controls a team of four mercenaries and applies one action per character during their turn. This creates a fast paced action orientated tabletop miniatures game.

There is a  3rd party game explanation video, but I would like to see an example of the gameplay of one or more of the scenarios to help emphasize the quickness of the game.

Shipping within the US is included. Since shipping will be with Europe, there will be no extra customs charges. Add $5 for shipping to UK and Germany. Add $10 to ship to Western European Union and $25 for Eastern European Union.

That’s it for this week! Come back next week as my Vulcan like ears listen for the latest ramblings, and my hobbit feet stomp through the abyss of Kickstarter in search of the next precious tabletop gaming necessities.

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