Kick The Box Nov. 11th 2013 Edition

Kick The Box

November 11th Edition

Welcome back to another chapter of Kick The Box. This week’s picks include a Thank You from Michael Mindes, some AvP, and yes, THAT AvP, a Smash Up type game, and and another Video Game themed tabletop game. Let’s kick pass the break and check out the latest and greatest Kickstarter has to offer.

Update: Mars Attacks – The Miniatures Game finished it’s campaign this weekend with over $550,000 worth of pledges, making their initial $50,000 pledge goal look bleak. With only a couple days left,  it’s still not too late to help Publish James Carling’s Illustrations of Poe’s “The Raven” and <Firewall>.

Dungeon Roll Winter Promo

Project by: Michael Mindes


If you’ve picked up Dungeon Roll, either Kickstarter or Retail version, than you should be interested, if you hadn’t already heard about it, Michael Mindes new promo pack on Kickstarter now. It’s a Thank You from the Tasty Minstrel Games team and it is a ‘pay what you want’ pledge. You will receive four new Legendary Heroes, Klaus, Jack Frost, Sugar Plum Faerie, and Ebenezer, and twelve new treasures, (coal, present,cake, etc.) For only a couple of dollars, it would be a difficult bargain to pass up.  There’s only a week left, so hurry before you miss it.

Alien vs. Predator The Miniatures Game

Movies, comics, graphic novels, novels, computer and console games. This battle between humankind and the two extra terrestrial species, Aliens and Predators, has been just about everywhere and is now coming to your tabletop in a phenomenal looking miniatures RPG. You can play solo or invite friends over to see which species is truly the best.  Build your characters over an arching story line, earning experience and making them stronger, or kill a couple of hours with different scenario skirmishes. Either way, the only loser in this game are the ones not backing it.

Tug O’ Lords

Project by: Chris Dixon

Choose your Kingdom and Magic Elemental Deck and bring forth your spells and and massive army in an attempt to defeat the other kingdoms and become the ruler of Tugoland. Ever wanted to control an army of  Ice Orcs? Or Fire Elves? Or maybe an army of Storm Undead? Tug O’Lords gives you that chance.

A two to four player deck combining game of domination that takes the Smash Up formula, tweak some of the mechanics, and giving it a fantasy flavor looks like a win win scenario to me.

Can’t wait to give this game a go.

Game Over

Project by: Eric Goscicki

Set in the video game realm, Game Over is a casual two-six player casual card game. Each player selects a character from one of the three character classes(Shooter, Platformer, and Adventurer) which represents a players three lives. Each player draws a card from the pile of cards, and than can perform one action; Equip, attack, a special ability, redeem gems for bonuses, use, or just pass your turn, (called Run).  The game instantly ends when one player is either the last surviving player, you achieve a minimum of 25 points via collecting gems, or you find all three enchanted items.

Easy to learn, little bit of luck on the card draw, and some strategy is what this quick filler game with a great theme is all about.

There you have it folks, another week just starting, so why not start it off right with a purchase of a new game?

Look for my interview later in the week with Chris Dixon, the creator of the game Tug O’Lords. And as always, til next time;

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